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Function: integer llTarget( vector position, float range );

This function is to have the script know when it has reached a position.
It registers a position with a range that triggers at_target and not_at_target events continuously until unregistered.
Returns a handle (an integer) to unregister the target with llTargetRemove.

• vector position position in region coordinates
• float range

A similar function exists for rotations: llRotTarget
This function does not move the object, to do that use llSetPos or llMoveToTarget.


  • The position always references the current region. If you set llTarget to <100, 100, 100> while in Region A and then move the object to region B, the target automatically becomes <100, 100, 100> in Region B.
  • The position can be set outside the region boundaries, but at_target can only happen if the range extends into the current region. The part of the range outside the current region will not activate at_target.
  • Only 8 targets can be active to a script. Additional llTarget will remove the oldest target set.
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<lsl> integer target_id; vector target_pos;

default {

       target_pos = llGetPos() + <1.0, 0.0, 0.0>;
       target_id = llTarget(target_pos, 0.5);
   at_target(integer tnum, vector targetpos, vector ourpos)
       if (tnum == target_id)
           llOwnerSay("object is within range of target");
           llOwnerSay("target position: " + (string)targetpos + ", object is now at: " + (string)ourpos);
           llOwnerSay("this is " + (string)llVecDist(targetpos, ourpos) + " meters from the target");
           "not there yet - object is at " + (string)llGetPos() + 
           ", which is " + (string)llVecDist(target_pos, llGetPos()) + 
           " meters from the target (" + (string)target_pos + ")"



See Also


• at_target not_at_target positional target events
• at_rot_target not_at_rot_target rotational target events


•  llTargetRemove Cancel a target position
•  llRotTarget Register a target rotation
•  llRotTargetRemove Cancel a target rotation

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function integer llTarget( vector position, float range );