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Function: llTextBox( key avatar, string message, integer chat_channel );

Shows a dialog box on avatar's screen with the text message. It contains a text box for input, any text that is entered is said by avatar on chat_channel when the "Submit" button is clicked.

• key avatar avatar UUID
• string message message to be displayed in the text box
• integer chat_channel output chat channel, any integer value
Channel Constant Description
DEBUG_CHANNEL 0x7FFFFFFF Chat channel reserved for script debugging and error messages, broadcasts to all nearby users.
PUBLIC_CHANNEL 0x0 Chat channel that broadcasts to all nearby users. This channel is sometimes referred to as: open chat, local chat and public chat.


  • This function causes the script to sleep for 1.0 seconds.
  • Messages sent on channel zero[1] and DEBUG_CHANNEL are throttled to a rate of <200/10sec, per region, per owner/user.
    • Once the rate is exceeded, all following messages on channel zero or DEBUG_CHANNEL will be dropped until the send rate is again below 200/10sec for the previous 10 sec. Dropped messages, despite being dropped still count against the limit.
  • Not supported in official Linden Labs viewers prior to version 2.4, and some TPVs may not support it. Unsupported viewers will display a dialog box with a single option of "!!llTextBox!!".
  • There is no way by script to kill a text box.
  • There is no way for the script to detect if the user clicked the small "ignore" button (no chat is generated as a result of pressing this button).
  • If the listening prim is out of the 20 meter range of the sending prim when the "Submit" button is pressed, it will not be able to hear the response.
    • This limitation affects attachments too if the wearer moves more than 20 meters from where the listener is located.

message limits

  • If it exceeds 7 (Viewer 3) or 8 (Viewer 1) lines a scroll bar will appear.
  • message must be less than 512 bytes and not empty. Otherwise it will shout an error on DEBUG_CHANNEL. One easy way to create an empty message is to use a line feed, as in <lsl>llTextBox(avatar_key," \n",dialog_channel);</lsl>
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<lsl>integer listener;

default {

   touch_start(integer total_number)
       llListenRemove(listener);//A previous user may not have responded. Make sure we don't leak!
       integer channel = ~(integer)llFrand(1000.0);
       listener = llListen(channel,"","","");
       llTextBox(llDetectedKey(0),"Write something here...",channel);
   listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
       llSay(0,"You wrote: " + message);


Instead of mouse clicking: "Submit", you can use keyboard keys: press Tab and then Enter

See Also


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Deep Notes


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HG:viewer-release - indra/llcommon/lllslconstants.h (please use SourceLink/bitbucket instead, SourceLink is deprecated) <cpp>// llTextBox() magic token string - yes this is a hack. sue me. const std::string TEXTBOX_MAGIC_TOKEN = "!!llTextBox!!";</cpp>


  1. ^ Channel zero is also known as: PUBLIC_CHANNEL, open chat, local chat and public chat


function void llTextBox( key avatar, string message, integer chat_channel );