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|also_functions={{LSL DefineRow||llGround|Gets the ground height}}
|also_functions={{LSL DefineRow||[[llGround]]|Gets the ground height}}
{{LSL DefineRow||llWind|Gets the wind velocity}}
{{LSL DefineRow||[[llWind]]|Gets the wind velocity}}
{{LSL DefineRow||llCloud|Gets the cloud density}}
{{LSL DefineRow||[[llCloud]]|Gets the cloud density}}

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Function: float llWater( vector offset );

Returns a float that is the water height below the object position + offset

• vector offset

The requested position needs to be in the same sim.


See Also


•  llGround Gets the ground height
•  llWind Gets the wind velocity
•  llCloud Gets the cloud density

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function float llWater( vector offset );