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Add on tool for MLPV2 that puts a button on the MLPV2 menu that, when clicked, gives a user an object (or multiple objects) that you wish them to use with an animation.

By Chaz Longstaff, June 2008.

Example: LINKMSG TieMeUp | 1,-4,987789,Cuff1#Cuff2#Cuff3#Cuff4##Wear these four cuffs.

Steps to use:

  1. Copy and paste everything below the double-line on this page into a script called, for the sake of argument, "~give" (the script name is actually irrelevant; you may call it kumquat if you wish;)
  2. Drop the script into the prim where you have the rest of the MLPV2 scripts;
  3. Add the object that you wish to give out. Usually, it is either a prim object, or clothing. Note that this object to be given out needs to have both copy and transfer permissions set on it;
  4. Add to the menu in an MLPV2 menu notecard the following line:

LINKMSG MyButtonName | 1,-4,987789,NamesOfObjectToOffer##MsgToPerson

In the above line, there are three elements for you to customize as appropriate:

  • MyButtonName -- the wording that you want to appear for the button on the blue menu
  • NamesOfObjectToOffer -- the name(s) (case and spacing sensitive) of the object(s) you are offering. If you are offering more than one, separate them with a hache (aka number, aka pound) sign # . Example: Item01#Item02#Item03
  • MsgToPerson -- A message to be instant messaged to the person being offered the item, so they know what it is for, and don't think it's a random spammer or griefer passing by, etc.

Note that NamesOfObjectToOffer and MsgToPerson are separated by a ## separator (two hache symbols.)

What you don't need to change in the above sample line:

  • 1 -- makes it so the MLPV2 menu doesn't reappear, so the user can see the accept-object menu
  • -4 -- the value of LINK_THIS, meaning, send this message to this prim only. (Use -4 if the ~give script is in a different prim.)
  • 987789 -- This is the number the ~give script looks for to detect a message to it.


//add-on by Chaz Longstff for MLPV2 by Lear Cale. June 2008.
//Function: gives object to someone on an MLPV2 ball
//in a menu card, format a menu button like this, for example:
//LINKMSG Give Book | 1,-4,987789,little book(wear)##Wear This
//In this example, Give Book is the button name
//1 means whether to make the MLPV2 menu go away or not.
//Generally set it to 1 as per the example, as otherwise the user
//might not see the accept prompt for the inventory being given
//-4 -- the value of LINK_THIS, meaning, send this message to this prim only. (Use -1 if the ~give script is in a different prim.) //987789 -- don't change this, this is the communication channel
//little book(wear)##Wear This -- this is the item to give,
//followed by a message to be instant messaged to the recipient
//of the object. It's good to include a msg, so that they don't just think
//it's a griefer trying to hand them something. Notice that the object to give,
//and the accompanying msg, are separated by ##
//parameters string ObjectToGive; string message; //_________________________ default{ link_message(integer from, integer num, string str, key id) { if (num == 987789) { list TempList = llParseStringKeepNulls(str,["##"],[]); ObjectToGive = llStringTrim(llList2String(TempList, 0),STRING_TRIM); message = llStringTrim(llList2String(TempList, 1),STRING_TRIM); if ( ( llGetInventoryType(ObjectToGive) != INVENTORY_NONE) && ( llGetInventoryPermMask(ObjectToGive, MASK_NEXT) & PERM_COPY) && ( llGetInventoryPermMask(ObjectToGive, MASK_NEXT) & PERM_COPY) ) { if (message != "") { llInstantMessage(id,message + " " + ObjectToGive); } llGiveInventory(id,ObjectToGive); } } //end of if check for the right channel } //end link_message event } //end default state