MLPV2 Rez Prop Independent of Pose Item

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Companion script to ~prop permanent rezzer (MASTER) script

<lsl> //~prop permanent derezzer //

//put this script in a prop that you have rezzed via the ~prop permanent rezzer (MASTER) script in MLP //when the ~prop permanent rezzer script in MLP hears a button command to derez, it informs this rezzed object of that command to derez //so this rezzed object will go away //version 1.2 by Chaz Longstaff 2014-02-09

integer ch;
integer ListenHandle;

default {

   on_rez(integer channel) {
       ch = channel;
       ListenHandle = llListen(ch,"",NULL_KEY,"");
   listen(integer channel, string name, key object, string str) {
           list TempList2 = llParseStringKeepNulls(str,["##"],[]);
           string command = llStringTrim(llList2String(TempList2, 0),STRING_TRIM);
           string object = llStringTrim(llList2String(TempList2, 1),STRING_TRIM);
       if ( (command == "DeRezAll") ||   ((command == "DeRez")&&(object == llGetObjectName()))  )   {

} </lsl>