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MLP 2.x Version Tracking


- fixed OFF for "CHAT Chat Info OFF" and "REDO RedoMenu OFF" configs. (Buttons worked; default settings didn't.)
- removed object name from pose chats
- reduced probability of "*" prefix in ~ball desc causing it to miss color change message
- eliminated sliced arrays in ~memory, dramatically increasing free mem (but perhaps running afoul of upcoming changes, stay tuned). followed Liz's suggestion to use one list rather than multiple. I don't know why multiple had the severe overhead. When I tested it earlier, the two methods worked the same in Mono, whereas multiple lists worked much better for LSL. However, there's an issue here, and I expect this subject will come up again, related to memory handling differences for per-parcel script memory limits.
- sitter: Instead of arrow keys adjusting, you now press both page-up and page-down to enable the arrow keys (shift left/right, up/down, and page up/down). Push page-up and page-down to disable again. This way, folks trying to adjust their view won't move their avvies. - updated scripts: ~menu, ~memory, ~ball
- Added Chaz's "ready" linked message. Uses -11003, "READY"

same as for 2.4p1 above, except linked message "ready" used channel 0.

2.4n4 - fixes to address some sequencing issues such as NOCHAT turning off all chat, etc.
Changes made to the following scripts: ~sequencer

2.4n3 - fixes to turning off scripts (lag reduction). Should no longer fail after sim reset. Should also fix a reanimation problem.
Leave ~timeout running so it'll delete itself when bought
~timeout moved to MLP Tools kit
Changes made to the following scripts: ~menu and and all ~poser* scripts (~poser, ~poser1, etc.)

2.4n2 - by this version, the MATURE directive was partially retired by being commented out

2.4n - fix warning when multiple people using menu at same time (popups go to wrong people)

2.4m - add warning and truncate for pose button label too big (usually, missing "|") - sitter adjustable poseball (start ~ball description with plus sign to activate)

v2.4l - avoid "animating without permission" script errors (when sitter doesn't accept) -- partially solved (error gone, but something's still wrong if MLP bought when someone's on a ball.)
- MATURE directive (skip rest of card if not MATURE sim). (might ditch this)
- stop poser# scripts when corresponding ball isn't rezzed
- stop several other scripts when no balls are rezzed

v4.2k - fix ~prop: don't jump on double-save

v4.2j - fix ~ball: don't listen if rez-arg is zero; cancel old listen on rez.

v4.2i - fix getrefpos issue on save

v4.2h - warn if props aren't copiable (check for current and for next owner)

v4.2g - Adjust mode auto-saves props too; delete trailing zeros on save

v4.2f - STOP resets swap

v2.4e - restarter button in MLP Tools, xcite double-stim for per-anim fixed

2.4 d Bug fix: SAVE after SWAP should now work correctly. Note: don't SWAP while editing a pose; it'll reset it to the previously saved position. Instead, save and then swap, after which you can save and it'll do the right thing. I should put this in the wiki!

~timeout put back in


HIDDEN attribute for menus (instead of "ALL/GROUP/OWNER") for menus used only by sequences.

NOCHAT option for sequences (use "SEQUENCE | seqname | NOCHAT") -- disables bed chatting pose name during sequence.

SWAP behavior configurable per-pose (for poses with more than 2 balls). See "CONFIGURING SWAP FEATURE" above.

2.3k: fixed startup race condition (stopping before reading MENUITEMS), fixed sequence labels not found

2.3j: height menu bug fix (probably broken since 2.3's reorient menu added)

2.3i: bug fix (remenu broken in 2.3h)

2.3h: sequences: rez balls on sequence start

2.3g: reset fixes:

- kill balls on reset in ~menu startup

- don't say "click to start" until ready, in ~run

CHANGES in MLPV2 Version 2.3:

- Supports sounds

- Supports up to 6 avatars (poseballs)

- Sequences (tours) -- set up a menu button that plays a sequence of poses and chats. You configure the sequences in a new .SEQUENCE type of notecard. More info on that here:

- When rezzed, balls are now named ~ball0 .. ~ball5, to support easy sitting for bot clients (used for machinima, not camping!) The object name in inventory has not changed.

- "Adjust Pos" is now a toggle. Try it and see! Avs can hop on and off and balls return to the 'adjusting' shape. You can also use STOP to return to normal mode.

- EZ-Adust! Now, when you're in adjust mode and you change poses, it saves the current pose before swithcing to new pose. To abandon changes, quit adjust mode, STOP, or just re-select the current pose.


- "Reorient" menu for more easily adapting an existing pose set to a new furniture item

- script to check anim permissions

- script to check for unused animations

- Three different example xcite adaptor scripts (requires Xcite! Partner script from Xcite) - AutoZhao adaptor script

- touch passer moved here, since it's never required in the MLP prim

CHANGES in MLPV2 Version 2.2 (unreleased other than to MLPV2 group)

- Added LMs when avs sit or unsit, to make it possible to add support for things like xcite and cuffs without modifying MLP scripts. Read more here:

- Cleaner chat on DUMP (omits object name)

CHANGES in MLPV2 Version 2.1:

- Props! Rez an object per pose. Object is deleted when changing to new pose, or after 3 minutes if bed is deleted.

- 15 ball colors supported!

- AUTOBACK - automatically inserts BACK before MORE--> button (optional, off by default)

- Bug fix for AUTOMORE on main menus with too many buttons. AUTOMORE no longer supported for main menu. Might be fixed some day.

- Bug fix for AUTOMORE menues with more than one extra page.

- Expression control code removed -- didn't work out. MLPV2 no longer takes controls. Of course, still compatible with all MLP and MLPV2.0 scripts.

CHANGES in MLPV2, Version 2.0:

- Now supports Solo, 3some, and 4some menus.

- Memory optimized: now holds over 70 couples poses.

- Expressions supported (20 expressions, constant or periodic). See "TO ADD POSES" above.

- Extended menus. (Automatic "More-->" button for menus with more than 12 buttons.)

- Menu buttons now appear in menus in the same order as in the configuration but only if the new MENUORDER config item appears -- otherwise order is same as before, for backwards compatibility).

- Modular configuration: reads all *.MENUITEMS* and *.POSITIONS* files, in sort order (same as in object contents).

MENU config lines with no corresponding TOMENU lines get added to the main menu (replacing a blank "TOMENU -" line).

This allows makers to easily provide add-on packs, each being folder containing .MENUITEMS*, .POSITIONS*, and animations files. Customer simply drops the folder in and resets.

- Backwards-compatible with MLP V1.2 configurations.

- Ball timeouts have been disabled. This should make MLPV2 a little more efficient. However, if you move a bed with balls rezzed, you'll need to delete the balls manually.

- Set poseball's floating text and pie menu sit text by changing its description. Also, if the ball's description begins with an asterisk ("*"), the poseball is phantom. After changing ball's description, STOP to delete any balls and then select any pose.

- New LM button type, to pass LMs to other scripts/prims. This allows adding features to furniture, with buttons in the MLP menus, without changing any MLP scripts.

- Warning for duplicate entries in .POSITIONS* files.

- Configuration consistency checker: try "ConfigCheck" in Shutdown menu NOTE: this will reload .POSITIONS.* files, so backup any saved positions first! It will find buttons with no positions and vice versa.

- AutoZhao support

- Restart menu reorganized:

Use "Pos Reset" button after changing *.POSITIONS* files.

Use "Menu Reset" button after changing *.MENUITEMS* files.

Use "Restart" button to restart all. This used to do only a menu reset.

- MLP bug fix: if you rez a copy, it uses the same channel as the original, and on MLP V1.2 you'd get crosstalk.

The menu script is now reset on rez. This does not reset positions; saved positions are not lost.

- MLP bug fix: Avoid reanimating a non-sitting avatar! This happened in these cases that I'm aware of:

A) Avatar is posed and STOP button is hit and then a new pose is selected. The avatar (no longer sitting) would get animated.

B) Same as above, but instead of STOP button, avatar teleports or relogs