Machinima Content Companies

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Machinima Content Companies

Content Companies that offer Machinima services exclusively (in alphabetical order)

  • Machinima by Silver and Goldie is a high-end professional machinima production firm offering script-to-screen service, backed by 20 years of real life video production experience. Scriptwriting, soundtracks, hi-def machinima capture, Final Cut Pro editing, DVD, Web and streaming distribution. Visit Studio Shores in Second Life.
  • WBA-Advertising in Second Life, carryout a wide range of Machinima both for the community of Second Life and RL companies wishing for Outfacing projects. A Full Turnkey Solution, including:- storyboard/scripts, actors/models, scene and set building, full movie production, host and streaming from our dedicated servers, full supply and installation of SL's most powerful media system, to view your created media on.

Content Companies that offer Machinima in addition to other services (in alphabetical order)