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Machinimatographers of Second Life




CodeBastard Redgrave is an amateur machinima maker with a single success, Beauty is only skin deep. She is also the maker of MachinimaCam HUD, an avatar centric scripted camera to help with machinima making in SecondLife.

  • CoyoteJack Dassin Co-Owner of SceneMaker Studios. Experienced Digital Cinematographer. SceneMaker Studios produces a series of Graphic Novels shot within SL and published in a HUD Viewer for enjoyment in world. SMS has developed a series of local light designed to meet the unique needs of Film and TV production in world, as well as publishing a Guide to the Basics of Digital Cinematography using Local lighting. SceneMaker Studios offers services in Set design, Set Decoration, Cinematography, and Production Consulting.


  • Fox Diller has been creating Machinima for years, starting with Duke Nukem 3D engine, and the title "Duke it out." Using many gaming engines from there, he's has build an expertise when it comes to using computer gaming engines to create stunning Machinima. He's now the CEO of Second Life's Magrathean Technologies and now does Machinima professionally for large corporations and small individuals.




  • Silver Goodman, David Lang in real life, is Director of Photography for Machinima by Silver and Goldie. Now specializing in machinima, he is a highly skilled professional with decades of experience producing broadcast television series, documentaries, marketing and public information films. Machinima credits include the highly popular "Stephen Colbert's Dream" and the Second Life Movie Trailer contest winner, "Second Life: Get One."


  • Cecil Hirvi, a former borg, now uses his technological distinctiveness to create unique, poetic and dynamic machinimas in-world and out. He has written, produced and photographed nearly 20 different machinima films since early 2007. His clients have included musical artists such as jazz singer Paisley Beebe and educational venues like EdTech Island for Boise State University.

His films push the boundaries of fictional story-telling mixed with new techniques including mash-ups, and utilizing other game engines and custom designed 3D animation to achieve the final work.

His machinima portfolio can be seen for free on Youtube here:[1]

Cecil is currently working on a new on-going SL series and another film involving digital actors from around the world shot entirely in SL. Recently, he has been invited by Boise State University to teach a course on Machinima Making for 2008.

He is available to shoot mostly anything EXCEPT in-world Weddings.

Resistance if Futile!

  • HVX Silverstar, an SL and RL instruction librarian (University of California Davis), but hailing from Liverpool, UK. "HVX" is for Panasonic's HVX200, my good friend and companion in RL [2]. I am an amature machinimatographer and spend time working with the teens on the PLCM's Eye4YouAlliance Island and great teens led by Storm Basiat of the UK in the teen grid, Peggy Sheehy and crew on Suffern Middle School's wonderful Ramapo Islands [3] and the Second Life Library and partner islands in the main grid (Info Island, Machinima Institute, Renaissance Island, Eduisland 3 - total of 44 islands). Visit the Machinima Institute on ALA Arts Info Island in the Info Archipelago: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ALA%20Arts%20InfoIsland/182/171/29 Currently we have Wohl Enoch/Colyn Wohlmut's Machinima Bibliography (ThinC Book) on display; a service learning project at the Machinima Institute which was part of the SJSU Library Science Master's program. The web version is available at: [4] Some of my machinima on YouTube: [5]. Recently I spoke at the the World Library and Information Congress, 19-23 August 2007, Durban, South Africa[6]. The flight back was eventful: Timeless Prototype was in the row behind me and also headed to SLCC in Chicago. Yes, SL is making RL smaller. The new media creatives, educators, entrepreneurs from near and far, and the the coolest, machinimatographers and SL Royalty (Philip and other Lindens), made for a great conference. Now, everyone run out and by Hugh and Johnnie's new book on machinima. Yea, SL! My Blog: [7]


Ina Centaur ;-)





  • moo Money is a Second Life expert in Machinima. She has been teaching machinima (free to residents) on the main grid AND the teen grid for over 15 months, as well as making it for over a year.






  • Frankie Rockett is Senior Machinimatographer with Planet Video. Twenty five years experience in new media and digital video, and BBC trained as a camera operator and drama editor.


  • Skribe Forti offers full service machinima and video services in Second Life specialising in the provision of conceptualisation, writing, production, direction and post-production solutions.