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Second Life Mentor Coaches are experienced residents that have a wealth of knowledge. In order for this Mentor group role to reach out and help more residents, Coaches can now offer classes to residents.


  • As with any Mentor related activity, the Tao of Volunteers, TOS and Community Standards apply.
  • Classes are to be offered by a Second Life Mentor Coach (or Coaches) only and are not created by or endorsed by Linden Lab.
  • Classes must be PG
  • Classes should not offer any incentives other than learning
  • Classes must be free
  • Any dispute arising from Second Life Mentor Coach led classes needs to be handled through resident to resident resolution, Abuse Reports as needed or the support area of the website.
  • Classes need to be scheduled on the public wiki

Possible Class Locations

Tenera Volunteer HQ

Oak Grove Stage

  • 60 minute auto-return

Located Here

Lime Stage

  • 60 minute auto-return

Located Here

Setting Up Your Class

  • List your class on the Mainland Coaches Class Schedule page. Please schedule with consideration and try not to set class times immediately after another class in the same location.
  • If you have a limit set for the amount of students per class please note that in the listing and offer a method for possible attendees to contact you or sign up. (Suggestion: is great for sign ups and free!)
  • List your class in the Events Listings (Suggestion!)