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== October ==
|title=New Scripting Features in 1.21 Release Candidate Viewer
|coach=Salahzar Stenvaag
|sltime=1 PM
|length=1.5 hour
|location={{simpleslurl|Tenera|210|170|84|Tenera (sandbox)}}
|description=In 1.21 RC viewer you are now be able to script objects to "sense" where an avatar touches them (which face and which x,y coordinate). This can be very well exploited to produce interactive maps, teaching boards, automatic highlighting, etc. In this lesson you will see and access some boards already scripted with the needed code to highlight and build up interactive maps. This is meant as an intermediate scripting class so you should be confortable with scripting basics. However if you wish to use the tools for teaching and noprofit, come and contact me just for using them.
|title=Reducing Inventory Without Losing A Thing
|coach=CallieDel Boa & Ghost Ulich
|sltime=4 PM
|length=60 mins
|location=[http://slurl.com/secondlife/Honie%20Isle/165/42/26 Classroom]
|language=English & Italian
|description=A way to File your objects so when you load inventory your inventory count is reduced, yet you can still keep everything and not delete objects or landmarks.
|notes=I will Provide the Filing Cabinets and a notecard for reference.
|title=Xyzzy Hands On Lab
|coach=Salahzar Stenvaag
|sltime=1 PM
|length=1.5 hour
|location={{simpleslurl|Tenera|210|170|84|Tenera (sandbox)}}
|description=During August and September I gave some lessons on how to use XyText for producing boards and textual aids. During this "Hands On Lab", I will give the participants the needed materials coming from standard wiki sources (precisely xyzzy wiki pages), with a brief presentation and then asking them to come up with a working text board. During the lab I will be available to answer questions and cope with difficulties which would arise.
|notes=I personally provided some open contribution to XyText and Xyzzy wiki pages for International Support. This is an intermediate class, so you should be well acquainted with various basic LSL techniques and in particular with llSendMessage() in a linked set.
|title=Come creare il proprio profilo e uso del menu' a torta
|coach=Biancaluce Robbiani
|sltime=1.30 PM
|length=1 hour
|location={{simpleslurl|Irelore|205|45|25|Class )}}
|description=This class will provide basic UI informations about profile editing, picture uploading and picks posting together with some basic pie menu information and other useful tricks to start or better resident Second Life Experience. This lesson will be held in italian with the possibility of English translation.
Questa lezione fornirà consigli su come modificare o migliorare il proprio profilo e l'uso dei menu a torta, oltre che altre informazioni di base. Nessuna esperienza particolare è richiesta per partecipare. Gradito l'uso del voice. La lezione verrà tenuta in italiano con possibilità di traduzione in inglese. |}}

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The following classes are offered by Second Life Mentor Coaches. These classes are not endorsed or run by Linden Lab.
For a list of classes hosted from mentors for mentors, please have a look at the Volunteer-sponsored Classes.

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Title: Example Class
Hosted by: Example Mentor
Date: 01-Sep-2008 (Monday)
SL Time: 1 AM SLT
Length: 1 hour
Location: Tenera (sandbox)D
Language: English
RSVP: (none required)
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