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Before you begin you will need the following:

  • Video editing software

1. Change your screen resolution to as small as possible.

  • Right-click on your Windows desktop.
  • Choose Properties, then Settings.
  • Choose 800 by 600 pixels.
  • Click Apply, then OK.

2. Log into Second Life

3. Turn on the Debug menu.

  • Press Ctrl-Alt-D. Debug should appear to the right of Help in the main menu.

4. Set your movie resolution.

  • From the menu, select Debug/Set 320x240 Windowed.
  • IMPORTANT: your Second Life window will be reduced significantly.
  • During filming, you must leave the SL window at this size on your screen.

5. Hide the User Interface.

  • Click Ctrl-Alt-1 to hide the UI so that it won't appear in your movie.

6. Start your movie.

  • Click Ctrl-Shift-A to start the movie (this command also stops filming).

7. Pick a place to save your movie.

  • IMPORTANT: select or create a folder NOT on your desktop, for example, any folder on your C drive will work.
  • Once you have your folder selected, click Open.
  • Click Save.

8. Choose video compression.

  • Select Full Frames/Uncompressed.
  • IMPORTANT: this will generate a large uncompressed video file - about 1 GB per minute, which you will need to compress during or after editing.


  • Select Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec.
  • Click OK. Filming beings.

9. Capture your raw footage.

  • To stop filming, Click Ctrl-Shift-A.

10. Edit your movie using your choice of video editing application.

contributor: -Char Linden