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This page is a helpful compilation of unofficial guides to making money in Second Life. Keep in mind: like "real life", there are more opportunities than can possibly be summarized. There's no such thing as a single formula that works for everyone. Also, unless otherwise stated, these resources are not approved by Linden Lab. We can't guarantee they'll work for your personal experiences — if you have success, great! Be sure to thank the guide author(s), and consider sharing your own tips.

Please improve this page with guides you enjoy, but don't add any spams/scams; they aren't welcome.


If you don't want to get a job but do want acquire L$, you can use the LindeX currency exchange to exchange real life currency for Linden dollars (L$). This can make it a lot quicker to get (land, goods) what you want.

I've (Torley) noticed this seems un-obvious to some newcomers, so I'm pointing it out for your benefit.

Do you really want a job?

Your Second Life should be enjoyable. Like first life, slaving away at a job is not fun.

Making money (earning L$ which can be exchanged for real cash) should never be the sole reason why you want a job. Do it for the experience! For example, if you're hosting events, you can make new friends and visit cool new builds.

Explore the world, go on adventures, and intuitively followup on what you especially delight in!

The money is nice, yes, but never the only thing that matters.

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