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Migration help for Xstreet SL merchants

This section is for Merchants who currently have products on the old Xstreet SL, and provides help for managing product updates during the transition to the new Second Life Marketplace.

Linden Lab is on course for retiring Xstreet SL and launching the Marketplace. During this transition, one of the best sources of information and how-tos are the Commerce Team's blog posts. The following sections refer to a few specific posts on migration that contain current and critical information for merchants.

Transition timeline

As the transition progresses, you'll notice features gradually being disabled in Xstreet SL, while new features (and bug fixes) are being added to the Marketplace. According to Linden Lab blog posts, Xstreet SL purchasing should be disabled by October 6th, 2010, and all Xstreet SL functionality will be fully retired in December 2010.

A detailed listing of the transition plans and known dates can be found in Grant Linden's blog post "Second Life Marketplace is coming soon - Transition Plans".

Listing migration

The final migration for listing content is scheduled to occur on September 20th, 2010. All merchants need to check their migration settings and product information so that their products are properly migrated to the Marketplace.

Of particular importance to merchants is the migration of permission settings. Grant Linden has provided a comprehensive listing of what will and will not successfully migrate. For this and other recommendations for successful migration, see Grant Linden's "Update on the next SL Beta Marketplace listing migration - last migration for listing details".

Successfully updating a product during the transition

Common questions:

  • "I updated a product I made. Can I have have the newest version on both Xstreet SL and the SL Marketplace?"
  • ""If I released a new version of a product, can I keep the product's history, including reviews?"

Until the transition to the SL Marketplace is complete (ongoing as of 2010-09-15), there are extra steps you'll need to take to ensure your products are updated both in Xstreet and the Marketplace. But yes, there's a temporary workaround.

See the short explanation discussed by Residents, and see the longer version posted by Grant Linden.