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New to Second Life?

Did you buy something from the Xstreet virtual marketplace or inworld and wondered why you received a box? As in, "I bought a necklace but all I got was a picture of a necklace on a box?"

  • Don't worry! This is normal. Second Life items are frequently sold in simple containers that require you to "open" them to get the contents. For example, if you purchase clothing that comes in a box, you have to extract the clothing objects from the box container, then transfer them to your inventory so you can wear them. Practice this a few times and it becomes second nature.
  • Don't wear the box. Remember, you have to open the box and use its contents. If you accidentally wear the box and it's attached to your avatar, simply right-click the box and choose Detach from the pie menu. Don't feel bad, it's part of our cultural humor and many Residents have done this at one point or another.

Finding the box in your inventory

After purchasing an item, you see a notification like this:

Inventory item delivery.png


  1. Click Keep button to confirm you want the item.
  2. Click the Inventory button in the bottom-right of the Second Life Viewer window if your inventory isn't already open. (You can also use the Ctrl-I shortcut.)
  3. The object is automatically highlighted in the Inventory window, in the Objects folder. If you clicked somewhere else and lost it, check here. It also helps to set the Inventory window's Sort > By Date, because newest-received stuff appears on top.
    Recently received item.png
KBtip2.png Tip: If you haven't configured it differently, click the Recent Items tab in your inventory, also circled above. It shows all the stuff you received since your last logoff.

Opening the box

Watch this video tutorial to see the below steps in motion:

  1. Drag the box from your inventory to the ground to rez it.
  2. Right-click the box and choose Open from the pie menu.
  3. A window opens. If the box has many contents, it can take a moment.
  4. Click Copy to Inventory to transfer the box's contents to your inventory.
    • If the box contains an outfit you'd like to wear immediately, click Copy And Wear instead.
  5. Once the items are copied, they appear in your inventory as a folder with the box's name. If you don't see it, click the Recent Items tab.

Why does it tell me "Can't rez object..."?

You need to be on a parcel where building is allowed so you can rez the box. That means this icon: Status no build.png does not appear in the menu bar. In some cases, if you're a member of the group that owns the land, activating your group title permits you to build despite the no-build icon which applies to the general public.

Finding land on which to rez objects (sandboxes)

If you don't own land and need to find a place, try a public sandbox (click through for a list) such as Sandbox Island, which can be used for rezzing boxes to unpack.

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