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How do I start selling stuff on the Marketplace?

Before you get started

KBtip2.png Tip: Are you a brand-new merchant? This section is for you!

You can dive right in and create a store in just a couple of steps; however, if you're brand new to selling in Second Life, there there are a few things you should know and some preparations you'll want to make.

  1. Read the Listing Guidelines to be sure your products and listings will meet Linden Lab requirements.
  2. Get your products ready inworld. Currently, that includes putting them in a "Magic Box". Magic Boxes will eventually be obsolete, at which point products will need to be moved from the Magic Box to a to-be-determined special folder in your inventory.
  3. Have your store information and graphics handy (logo, banner, store policies, inworld and out-of-world links, etc.) and make sure they meet the requirements defined below.

Create a store

KBcaution.png Important: Make sure to do this first or you can't list your items (as explained further down the page)!

First, you'll need to create a web storefront. This may be in addition to an inworld store you already have setup (and there are ways to connect the two).

  1. On any Marketplace page, click My Marketplace in the upper-right and click Create a Store.
  2. If you've never done this before, you'll be asked to agree to the Marketplace Terms of Service. Read it carefully so you're aware of what you're agreeing to, then scroll down to the bottom and click Accept.

How do I add a new item to my Marketplace listings?

KBcaution.png Important: If the following sounds more confusing than it needs to be, you're right. Due to various complications with using Magic Boxes, they'll will eventually be obsolete and replaced by the Marketplace directly reading your inventory for item listings. Stay tuned for details.

You use a special object called a "Magic Box" that connects to the Marketplace website. Basically, you drag objects into the box so the Marketplace recognizes them. Then, you can enable their listings and start selling. You can have multiple Magic Boxes, but for the sake of simplicity, start with one.

Here's how you add a new item:

  1. Login to the Marketplace website and get a Magic Box.
  2. In the Second Life Viewer, go to a land parcel you own or can reliably rez objects on. The Magic Box must stay inworld or your items can't be sold.
  3. Open the sidebar, click the My Inventory button (the suitcase icon), and rez the Magic Box.
  4. Right-click the Magic Box and choose Edit.
  5. In the build tools, click the Contents tab.
  6. Drag an object from your inventory into the Contents area. You should see it appear.
  7. On the Marketplace, choose My Marketplace > Merchant home (upper-right).
  8. Click Manage Inventory' (left-hand side).
  9. Click the Sync Marketplace with Magic Boxes button.
  10. Edit the new listing to complete at least the required fields. What do all those fields mean?

If the above steps are confusing, watch this video, which walks you through the process in a relaxing way:

How do I remove an item from my Marketplace listings?

As of 2010-09-13, there doesn't appear to be a way to completely remove an existing item from your Marketplace listings. Merchants are currently limited to unlisting an item. Removing the object from your inworld Magic Box only changes the item status to Unavailable.

Until Magic Boxes are obsolete as mentioned above, to unlist an item:

  1. Login to the Marketplace and choose My Marketplace > My Store (upper-right).
  2. Click Manage inventory.
  3. Next to the item you want to unlist, click Unlist. See also "How do I update the listing of an item I'm selling".

How do I update the listing of an item I'm selling?

  1. In the upper-right, click My Marketplace > My Store.
  2. On the left-hand side, click Manage inventory.
  3. Here, you see all the items you're selling. Towards the right, click Edit next to the item you want to update.
    • You can also Preview how an item listing looks to potential customers, or click Unlist/List to hide/show an item (this can be changed whenever you want).
KBtip2.png Tip: Get more help with managing your Marketplace inventory, including bulk-editing items.

Migration help for Xstreet SL merchants

This section is for Merchants who currently have products on the old Xstreet SL, and provides help for managing product updates during the transition to the new Second Life Marketplace.

Linden Lab is on course for retiring Xstreet SL and launching the Marketplace. During this transition, one of the best sources of information and how-tos are the Commerce Team's blog posts. The following sections refer to a few specific posts on migration that contain current and critical information for merchants.

Transition timeline

As the transition progresses, you'll notice features gradually being disabled in Xstreet SL, while new features (and bug fixes) are being added to the Marketplace. According to Linden Lab blog posts, Xstreet SL purchasing should be disabled by October 6th, 2010, and all Xstreet SL functionality will be fully retired in December 2010.

A detailed listing of the transition plans and known dates can be found in Grant Linden's blog post "Second Life Marketplace is coming soon - Transition Plans".

Listing migration

The final migration for listing content is scheduled to occur on September 16th, 2010. All merchants need to check their migration settings and product information so that their products are properly migrated to the Marketplace.

Of particular importance to merchants is the migration of permission settings. Grant Linden has provided a comprehensive listing of what will and will not successfully migrate. For this and other recommendations for successful migration, see Grant Linden's "Update on the next SL Beta Marketplace listing migration - last migration for listing details".

Successfully updating a product during the transition

Common questions:

  • "I updated a product I made. Can I have have the newest version on both Xstreet SL and the SL Marketplace?"
  • ""If I released a new version of a product, can I keep the product's history, including reviews?"

Until the transition to the SL Marketplace is complete (ongoing as of 2010-09-15), there are extra steps you'll need to take to ensure your products are updated both in Xstreet and the Marketplace. But yes, there's a temporary workaround.

See the short explanation discussed by Residents, and see the longer version posted by Grant Linden.

What do all the fields mean on the Edit Item Listing page?

^ Click the question to get your answers.

How do I edit my store info?

^ Click the question to get your answers.

How do I view my store?

So you've listed at least one item and setup your store info... you are awesome. Bask in the glow, then preview your store for all to behold (that almost rhymes):

  1. Go back to My Marketplace > My Store (which you should be familiar with now... wash, rinse, repeat).
  2. On the left-hand side, click View my Store. This is how your customers see it — but it also helps to browse the Marketplace as an alt to really walk in your customers' shoes.