Mentor Buddy Guest Speaker Basics

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What is expected of a Mentor Buddy Guest Speaker?

Guest Speaking as a Mentor Buddy should be quite easy! Please remember you will need to have an arrangement with an orientation coach in order to speak at a session. When you are asked to stand up and speak, please take five minutes or less to convey the following:

  • A friendly greeting, highlight your experience as a Mentor and an introduction to what Mentor Buddies do!
  • A tip for newcomers... Two or three tips if you're ambitious!
  • A reminder that those at the session can contact you or fellow Mentor Buddies,an explanation of the Buddy Hut Call system to call a Mentor Buddy for Mentoring tips or assistance!
  • Pass the ball back to the Orientation host, and you're all set!

(***try to keep this at under 5 mins***)

Try, if you can, to avoid using a "generic buddy speech" which may have been passed to you by another mentor wanting to be helpful. By all means use it as a guide, but the important thing is make your speech your own. If (for whatever reason) you find this a scary or difficult prospect, do ask another Buddy for help. That's what Buddies are for!

This should be quick, easy, painless. Guest speaking is simply a way to put yourself out there as a point-person for new volunteers, and to let newcomers know that even if they are entering the program without friends they will have helpful Mentors to help them get into the program.