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Status Mesh Import
  • The Mesh Project viewer and mesh support on aditi are still under development and are considered "Early Beta" stability level. Consequently, issues such as crashes or loss of mesh content may occur.
  • 10/14/10 : Mesh has entered Open Beta status. The Mesh Project Beta Viewer is now available for download. See 10-13-10 blog for announcement.



The Mesh Project Viewer is a chance for all Second Life Residents to try out an early implementation of Mesh Import, an upcoming feature that will allow creators to model objects using external tools and bring them into Second Life. To participate, you will need to (1) download the mesh project viewer, (2) enable your account on our Aditi grid, and (3) connect to an appropriate mesh-enabled region. For detailed instructions on these steps, see our Getting Started with Mesh page.


We would love to hear your feedback on any part of the Mesh project. The primary means of giving feedback is by filing bugs, but you can also participate in our forums:

  • Public JIRA Tracker Report bugs here (be sure to login first using your Second Life account).
  • Mesh Forum Participate in discussions of Mesh on our public forum.



Understanding Mesh

Video Tutorials

Collada(DAE) Supported Programs for Mesh

Programs Bone Method Version
3Ds Max Studio Yes Import/Export via OpenCOLLADA Plug-in Any
Bentley's MicroStation No Import/Export V8i and up
Blender Yes Import/Export 2.49 and up
DAZ 3D Yes Import/Export 2.0 and up
Lightwave Yes Import/Export 9.5 and up
Maya  ? Import/Export via OpenCOLLADA Plug-in Any
Modo  ? Import/Export  ?
PhotoShop No Direct open Creative Suite 4 (11) and up
SketchUp No Import/Export 5.0 & 7.0 and up (6.0 was not supported)


Sample Mesh Files

Latest Mesh Viewer Installers




QA and Bugs