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For a video tutorial on exporting Autodesk Maya mesh data and importing mesh data into Second Life, click on the following link:

First we'll need to download a COLLADA model file to your computer:

Next we will upload the model to Second Life:

  • Open the Build menu, choose Upload, click 'Model...'
    • Alternately, open the Inventory, click the + menu button and Upload > "Model"
  • A file dialog box will open
  • Pick the duck.dae file from your computer.
  • The Import Model window will appear.

Mesh upload model.png

  • Click the 'Generate LOD' button at the top of this window.
  • The viewer will take a moment to process this, then the Upload button will become clickable.
  • Click the 'Upload' button.
  • You will see 2 assets inserted into your Inventory. One will appear in the Meshes folder and one will appear in the Objects folder. We only care about the Object right now.
  • Drag the new object from your Objects folder onto the ground.
  • A duck model will appear on the ground. You can use the duck mesh as you would any other object. Scale it, texture it, attach it, script it, whatever you like.