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Rigged meshes allow for you to represent your avatar skeleton as a mesh that conforms to your joints and motions. This walkthrough will cover the workflow for uploading a basic rigged mesh.

Obtain a Second Life compatible rigged mesh file

The first step is to get a mesh file onto your computer that you want to upload to SL. SL's mesh import is able to read COLLADA (".dae") files. You will need to use one that has joint rigging information.

(Not supported on 3Ds Max Studio's default import, use OpenCOLLADA plug-in)

Upload the mesh file to Second Life

Rigged Mesh Import Model

Next, take the file that you downloaded to your computer and upload it to SL. (Note that during beta, uploading is free!)

  • Open the main menu "Build" menu, choose "Upload", click "Model...".
    (Alternately, open your Inventory View, click the "+" menu button, "Upload" > "Model...").
    This will cause a file dialog box will open.
  • Find and select the "simplebot.dae" file from your computer and select it.
    The "Import Model" window will then appear.
  • Click the "Generate LOD" button at the top of this window.
    The viewer will take a moment to process this, then the "Upload button" will become clickable.
  • Check the "Skin Weights" checkbox.
    The viewer will take a few seconds to process this.
  • Check the "Joint Positions" checkbox.
    Note: Attaching a rigged mesh with joint positions will override the avatar skeleton joint positions and may make your arms/legs/back/neck longer/shorter, eyes pop out, etc.
Rigged Animation Preview
  • Walk your avatar around or play a gesture. Note that the model in the preview window will animate correspondingly.
    You can also use the mouse to zoom in on the preview window or rotate the mesh.
  • Click the "Upload" button.
    You will see 2 new assets in your inventory:
    One will appear in your inventory's top-level "Meshes" folder, the other in your top-level "Objects" folder.
    These will appear as "Simple_Bot_001" for the simplebot object.
  • We only care about the asset in your "Object" folder right now.

Wear your rigged mesh

You can now wear the mesh that you imported and have it take over your avatar appearance.

  • Open your "My Inventory->Current Outfit" folder and manually detach any attachments that you don't want to have as part of your final appearance.
  • Right-click the new uploaded mesh object "Simple_Bot_001" in your Inventory and choose "Wear".
    This will show the object attached to your right hand or some other arbitrary location; the actual location isn't important.
  • Open your "Library->Body Parts->Alpha Masks" folder.
  • Right-click on the "Invisible Avatar" item and select "Wear".
    Your avatar will appear as a thin white robot.
  • Walk or animate your avatar and you will see the white mesh animates just as you avatar did.
  • To remove the mesh, just detach it like any other attachment:
    • Find "Simple_Bot_001" in your inventory, right-click on it, and select "Detach From Yourself".
    • Alternatively, open your "Current Outfit Folder" and detach "Simple_Bot_001" from there.

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