Modeling Certification

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This certification exams consisted objective type questions such as true/false or multiple choice questions and simulated labs for examining a candidate's expertise. For this reason, it is essential that those aspiring for SL Modeling certification have sufficient hands-on experience.

The holder of a SL Certification has demonstrated competency in basic SL User Interface, SL Permissions

This Certification includes

  • Mechanics of Building
    • Arbitrary Shape Recognition and Duplication
    • Prim Optimization
  • Architecture
  • Furnishings/Interior Design
  • Objects
  • Weapons and Vehicles

Note: Includes using scripts to animate objects and textures but no writing of scripts

Areas like vehicles, buildings, and avatar attachments should remain a marketing and portfolio issue. There's huge stylistic issues with judging those - camera control, proportions, historical accuracy and realism, etc. It also prevents claims of bias (I notice a lack of prim hair and womens' footwear on the list.)