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In Second Life Viewer 2.4, following much beta testing, the ability to attach multiple objects to a single attachment point (also called "slot") was formally added. This is part of a "multi-wearables project" which also includes the earlier ability to wear up to 5 items on the same clothing layer.

How do I attach multiple objects to a single point?

  1. Right-click an object in your inventory and select Add (instead of Wear).
    • If the object is inworld, right-click it and select Put On > Add.
  2. Repeat the above step for each object. You should each attached object getting added.

How many objects can I attach to a single point?

This needs verification to be sure.

Unlike clothing layers, the attachment cap is determined by the total number of attachments on your avatar, not the total number of attachments to a point. You can attach 30 attachments to your avatar's body (and 8 more to your HUD points).

How do I replace all objects attached to a single point?

There are several ways. You can right-click each object inworld and select Detach.