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(New page: {{LSL_Function |mode=user |func=mySayOwner |p1_type=string|p1_name=objectName |p2_type=string|p2_name=msg |return_type=string |return_text= |func_desc=Like mySay but spoken to object owner...)
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See also: [[mySay]], [[Chat]]
See also: [[mySay]], [[:Category:LSL_Chat]]

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Function: string mySayOwner( string objectName, string msg );

Like mySay but spoken to object owner only. Cleaner chat on a user's screen. Gives a less-cluttered, more professional looking output.
Returns a string

• string objectName
• string msg

<lsl> mySayOwner(string objectName, string msg) {

   string name = llGetObjectName();
   llOwnerSay("/me " + msg);

} </lsl> See also: mySay, Category:LSL_Chat


<lsl> mySay("","Processing, please wait."); </lsl> //The owner sees just: 17:04 Processing, please wait.

//You don't need to specify anything in the first parameter. The second one is limited to the normal chat limitation of a maximum of 255 bytes for that string. You may if you wish in the function swap in llWhisper or llShout.


What this does:

Instead of users having their vision obscured by text like this covering half their screen:

[14:04] Animated Living Sofa Combo Couple & Solo 2.1e whispers: Lie F 1

They see just this:

[14:04] Lie F 1