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(Total Group Members)
(Total Group Members)
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== Total Group Members ==  
== Total Group Members ==  
:*<font color="green">'''2200+'''</font>
:*<font color="green">'''2200+'''</font>

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Welcome to the New Resident Services ( NRS ) Wiki Page

! This Wiki Page Will always be Under Construction...we update..;-) !


  • New Resident Services: Treacle Darlandes

Active Co-Owners

Eoleon Elcano Benji Nakamori

Total Group Members

  • 2200+

Group Charter

Community help for new & older SL Residents. This is a G rated group, which means no adult topics or language. Please respect our choice of maturity rating. Do feel free to say 'Hi' in the group or ask questions. No spamming, no commerce. Thank you. :-)

Mission Focus and Statement

Best Practices