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Residents who achieved fame or notoriety through Second Life

The following is a list of Residents who have become well known outside of Second Life to varying degrees, either due to a significant accomplishment in-world - generally being featured in a Linden Lab press release or news source primarily focusing on Second Life or gaming in general (e.g. Anshe Chung and Tateru Nino) or have been featured in major news sources outside of the scope of Second Life or their in-world accomplishment has carried on the "real" world (e.g. Laukosargas Svarog and Kermitt Quirk )

A - E

  • Alpha Zaius - Alpha Zaius is an active developer of libsecondlife; holder of youngest teen account -- main grid beta member "Geeky Skidoo"
  • Alex Harbinger - Alex Harbinger is an avid contributor to the Teen Grid; first to own two Private Islands on the TG and the largest distributor of TG goods (Clothing, Vehicles, Gadgets, Games, et cetera).
  • Astrophysicist McCallister -Gained popularity through a series of Political Organizations inworld. Often considered to be the "Father of SL Politics," McCallister founded the first in-world politics based organization.
  • Aryte Vesperia - Aryte Vesperia is the President of Titan Industries, one of the quickest up and coming development companies in Second Life. Aryte is also a long time member of the SL military community, having led organizations such as the Venuma Coalition, the Novus Ordo Imperalis, and currently the Ordo Imperialis. Likewise, he is a member of multiple estate administration teams.
  • Bootes Newchurch - Bootes is a feral cat in Second Life that was made famous by a New York Times article titled "It's My (Virtual) World...", by Times reporter Matt Gross published November 3, 2006.
  • Corporal Candour - One of the generals of the Second Life military, the TCG, alongside Griffin Yeats. He is also the founder of the Stephen Colbert Fan Club.
  • Deevyde Maelstrom - Deevyde Maelstrom is the creator and owner of Brainiac Headquarters (BHQ) and the group "Brainiacs". He has also created many games and gadgets such as Portal Wars, the Not a Mind Control Hat, and Warbots.
  • Cheesepuff Barnard - Cheesepuff Barnard is a builder and scripter who has been invited to speak at several conferences/panels about his Teen Second Life. He is also the first inventor of an in-game "Smartphone" with complete OS. [citation needed]
  • CodeBastard Redgrave also know as Codie. CodeBastardRedgrave.Com Blogger and artist, she also is the creator of MachinimaCam, one of the first video cameras in second life.

F - J

  • Grey Blankes - Owner of U.S. Black Ops: The largest producer of weapons in Second Life. Grey is a professional 3D modeler, having worked independently in the gaming industry in the past. Grey's work can be seen on several websites and games, including "Black", "Scarface", and several mods for games ranging from BF2 to HL2 Deathmatch. Inquire with her inworld to learn more on her past, present and future projects. (As a note Grey remains anonymous to the industry. She will not reveal her identity or specific work on particular games, but she does leave a signature if you look closely.)
  • Griffin Yeats - Founder of the TCG, a military organization in world, and weapons designer. He is known for his confrontations with the military organization the Alliance Navy, because of the army's long history of griefing, and using griefing weaponry.

K - O

  • Katharine Berry - Developer of the first public web-based Second Life client, AjaxLife. She has also created several Teen Second Life-oriented websites. She currently sells a small number of her creations via TSL Emporium.
  • Kayla Stonecutter -CTO of U.S. Black Ops, master scripter of guns, avatars, cars, vendors and more. Started SL as a freelance scripter, hired by Grey Blankes October 2006
  • Kermitt Quirk - Nathan Keir, developer of the game Tringo. Keir licensed the game to Donnerwood Media, however retains rights to the game inside Second Life.
  • Kithro Luan - known for crashing a magnitude of simulators. In late 2006, Kithro crashed the entire grid and left residents out for several hours. Kithro's real age is still unknown, as he has been spotted on both the Adult and Teen grids. Template:Verify source
  • Moogle Hansen - A popular builder on the Teen Grid. Moogle is mostly known for his multiple projects, builds and his avatar. He is currently working on a project to bring PvP (Player versus player) combat to the TG.
  • Kirk Lancaster - Wrote and produced the hit music video "If This Is Second Life Why Is My Heart Breaking In Real Life." Reviewed in publications (New City Chicago, 2007-09-11; USC Center for Public Diplomacy, PDBR for September 13-14, 2007) as a satirical depiction of Second Life romance. Displayed in real life art festivals such as the 2007 d/Lux/MediaArts in Australia as an example of Machinima.
  • Light Waves - formally known as Starax Statosky. [1] Starax was known for incredible works of art, all hailed for their detail and subtlety. The trouble was that he couldn't take it to the next level - there's only so much detail you can create with a basic prim set. He had gone to the edge of what could be done in Second Life, and was frustrated when he couldn't go any further. So he left... for a few months. "I didn't really take that long of a break. After a few months I was soon back to building. But this time I decided to make stuff that was more suitable to prims, and so the Greenies were born... and now that we've got sculpties I'm enjoying making "sculptures" again."
  • Mazer Ludd - Founder of the largest and longest-running military in Second Life, the Alliance Navy. An accomplished scripter, builder, and designer of ships and weapons, he remains as an NCO in the group to this day.

P - T

  • Pepper Laxness - founded one of the largest religious groups in Second Life. In less than a year after its forming, his Buddhism Listening and Discussion group, devoted to regular gatherings of SL Buddhists and the like-minded, grew to nearly 500 members. Pepper was interviewed for a June, 2007 edition of the Washington Post.
  • Plastic Duck - notorious for being the subject of a letter from Linden Labs to the CBC. Linden Labs sought to prevent Plastic duck from being interviewed due to alleged "griefing and generally anti-social behavior"[5]
  • Prokofy Neva - notorious for coining the phrase Feted Inner Core- seemingly SMOF, re-applied to Second Life - and for making assertions such as "A statement I believe to be true is a fact until it is disproven."[6]. Additionally:
    • Prokofy is a regular critic of Linden Lab[7] and a self-described "Infamous Antagonist of Second Life"[8]
    • Prokofy has been banned from numerous Second Life-related websites, most notably:
      • the Official Second Life forums[9]
      • the Official Linden Lab blog[10]
      • Terra Nova[11]
    • Prokofy regularly writes articles for and launches attacks on other residents from the Second Life Herald-[12]
      • Prokofy resigned from the Herald in November 2006[13] over a controversial Op/Ed piece involving CopyBot[14] and rejoined December 8, 2006.[15]
  • Regis Braathens - Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The AvaStar, the most widely read newspaper in Second Life. It can be obtained from vendors across the grid or from The AvaStar island.
  • Shoshana Epsilon - "A Second Life artist whose avatar goes by the name Shoshana Epsilon has taken stunning digital portraits of other users' avatars".
  • Tao Takashi for World of SL[17] and his coverage of the in-world X-Men: The Last Stand premiere[18]
  • Tateru Nino for:
    • her contributions to the Volunteer programme and to Second Life as a whole[19]
    • her journalistic and creative talents writing for Second Life Insider[20] and her own Webcomic, Dwell On It:The Comic[21]
    • her work as a statistician through the New World Numbers series on New World Notes[22][23]
    • organising SL3B- the "official" Second Life Third Birthday event that took place from June 21, 2006 to June 25, 2006.[24]
  • User:PetGirl Bergman - Swedish designer/artist/marketing specialist Tina (PetGirl) Bergman has been in SL since February 2005 and has made quite a name by very actively pursuing both short- and longterm projects. To mention a few:
    • art projects/installations, such as Pixels In The Wind (during Burning Life 2006 - and Dance and Crime Scene - at Osprey Therian's - Photography Studio (the first hit-and-run art burglary in SL - - Look for Monday, November 13, 2006).
    • SL marketing of Sweden and the Swedish; example: arranged the first genuine Swedish Lucia party in SL and in ALL cyber - in co-operation with Phreak Radio , in December 2006. More about it - here - and - here
    • Arranged the first Swedish Midsummer (including Design of the typical Swedish MidsummerPole with help of Osprey Therain - texture) in Second Life, made/transformed it to SL - the Swedish Nationaldress - a project together with Pandora Jensen - Both are to find in the special made ”EXAKT Swedish Box”.
    • IRL marketing of SecondLife in Sweden; one example of many in Swedish press: Så skapar du dig ett bättre liv online (about SL in Swedish Press - in Swedish) More about it - here
  • Tin Bling - Former Owner of Mecca (sold to sonof Marvin in March 2007); Teen SecondLife's first resident-owned Private Island, and the original owner of Cascade (Later renamed Mega-Mall Cascade when purchased by Alex Harbinger), before transferring owner ship to Alex Harbinger. Recently, Tin has opened his shop "Bling Buy" in Levithan.
  • TonyH Wrangler - "one of Teen Second Lifes most contributing mentors"

U - Z

  • Wagner James Au - contracted from April 2003 to February 2006 by Linden Lab as an embedded journalist as Hamlet Linden, Au is now known in-world as Hamlet Au[26][27]
    • Both the archives of Au's work as Hamlet Linden, as well his current work as Hamlet Au can be found on New World Notes[28]
    • He is currently finishing a book on Second Life.


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