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Open Source Policies, Resources for Open Contributions, and progressing contributions through the Snowstorm process.

Chaired by Oz Linden of the Snowstorm Team.


Every Monday 07:00-08:00 SLT and Thursday 13:00-14:00 SLT at Oz's RaftD


The agenda for the next meeting is:

  1. OPEN Issue Triage (Oz Linden)
  2. VWR-28390 Add an Edit button to the UI toybox to provide better semantic meaning, and easier usage. This is needed now, as the build-button is greyed out in many areas, to inspect items or to work on existing objects. (MartinRJ Fayray)
  3. How hard is implementing non attached rigged hierarchical mesh that is animated with animation assets is going to be? If its possible at all - how much time is it going to take? (FadeOut Razorfen)
  4. The Havok Sublicense has brought up lots of questions. SLUniverse is discussing 1.1(b) Sublicensee must require the Third Party Viewer to connect only to servers owned or operated by the Company; This creates a problem for viewer Dev's like those building Kokua with a focus on other grids. You seem to be expressing ideas as if the ONLY is not in the policy. Would you explain what the case is? Will the policy wording change or will your perception of the policy? Nalates Urriah 08:37, 12 April 2012 (PDT)


Records of past meetings: Open Development User Group/Archive

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