Open Grid Public Beta/Teleport How To

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Download and Install Open Grid Viewer

  1. Download the viewer from (url tbd).
  2. The viewer is named "Open Grid" so you can install it without conflict with your existing Second Life viewer.
  3. Launch the viewer.

Ogpb teleport howto 1.jpg

Log In

  1. Note the new field, "Region URL" in the lower right hand pane of the splash/login screen.
  2. Enter "", without quotes and without a trailing slash (see VWR-8382 )
  3. Enter your user name and password, and press connect.


  • When you login, you will be 'ruthed'.
  • The system may also ask if you want your avatar to be male or female.

  • Note that you will not have access to your inventory.

Teleporting to an Open Sim Region

  • From the "World" menu, select "Teleport Region".

  1. Enter the URL of your patched OpenSim region.
  2. Press teleport.

  • You will rez, once again, 'ruthed' on your OpenSim region.

  • You can check "Help" > "About" from the menu to confirm that you are on your OpenSim region.

Congratulations! Gridnaut. You've Teleported Across The Grid!

Send a screenshot of your avatar (with nametag) and the about screen to the gridnauts list for your 'limited edition Gridnaut bear.'


  • If you see the not in gridnauts message when logging into the Open Grid viewer, please check your account on the beta grid with a release viewer to confirm you are in the gridnauts group.

  • You may see a "you do not have access to that teleport destination" message, even if you successfully teleported.

  • If you get an invalid region error when you attempt to teleport, check your OpenSim's bin/Regions/default.xml
    • The attributes sim_location_x, and sim_location_y should not conflict with coordinates on the Second Life grid.
    • Check the page Open_Sim_Public_Beta/Map_Locations and claim a non-conflicting set of coordinates.