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Opensource meetings at Hippotropolis.jpg

Open source meeting - Thursday, 2pm PT in Hippotropolis

Transcripts are posted after every meeting (see below) so don't put anything into chat that you don't want to see posted here.

Open Source Meeting/Agenda

<br\> Rob Linden has been posting below the transcripts of the meetings, but if they're not there, here's how to do that:

  • Press the blue History button (renamed "Local Chat" in 1.19 viewer) to see all the chat that scrolled off the screen, then cut-n-paste that into any text editor. Also, in Preferences, on the Communication tab, you can set up a log file to your local disk.
  • Use the Wikifier at to format the text.
  • Add a link below (You have to be logged in to edit.)
  • Select the link to bring you into edit mode for the new page, and paste the Wikified transcript.


Past Meetings