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(New page: ''This is a parcel flag, returns parcel size in sqm (m2). For more info, refer to llGetParcelDetails.'')
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''This is a parcel flag, returns parcel size in sqm (m2). For more info, refer to [[llGetParcelDetails]].''
{{LSL Constant
|desc=This is a flag used with [[llGetParcelDetails]] to get the parcel size in sqm (m2).
|functions={{LSL DefineRow||[[llGetParcelDetails]]}}

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Constant: integer PARCEL_DETAILS_AREA = 4;

The integer constant PARCEL_DETAILS_AREA has the value 4

This is a flag used with llGetParcelDetails to get the parcel size in sqm (m2).

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Flag Meaning Max Length Return
PARCEL_DETAILS_NAME 0 The name of the parcel. 63 Characters string
PARCEL_DETAILS_DESC 1 The description of the parcel. 127 Characters string
PARCEL_DETAILS_OWNER 2 The parcel owner's key. (36 Characters) key
PARCEL_DETAILS_GROUP 3 The parcel group's key. (36 Characters) key
PARCEL_DETAILS_AREA 4 The parcel's area, in sqm. (5 Characters) integer
PARCEL_DETAILS_ID 5 The parcel's key. (36 Characters) key
PARCEL_DETAILS_SEE_AVATARS 6 The parcel's avatar visibility setting[1] (1 character) integer - boolean
Max Lengths in parentheses represent how many characters required when it is typecast to a string.


•  llGetParcelDetails

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  1. ^ The parcel avatar visibility setting is used to hide avatars, their chat, and objects they sit on when they are in other parcels.