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(Various Mainland points of interest for intrepid explorers)
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== Miscellaneous Mainland Points of Interest for Intrepid Explorers ==
== Miscellaneous Mainland Points of Interest for Intrepid Explorers ==

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Bay City Sites : Urban hangouts for your must-see list!

Cafe Deco, Bay City

Classy Art Deco Cafe. Cool place to relax, listen to music and have a free coffee!


Channel Island Asylum, Bay City

For all the mad people. Very Scary!!


Far Point Park, Bay City Molesworth

A geometric park of leafy tranquility, remotely situated for your pleasure and relaxation


Route 1 (East-West Heterocera Link Road) : Unmissable items for your travelogue !

Route 1 sea dock, Leafminer

a small access point to the Route 1 highway and Mole Mart


Route 1 picnic area

spur off Route 1 highway near the Mole Mart for Munchies !


Route 1 Butterfly and Tropical House

a calming place to sit amongst the victorian ironwork, dripping with steam and condensation, and consider the exotic butterflies and flowers


Route 1 Reservoir, Spini

the Molesford Municipal Water company really needs to spend some cash cleaning up this slightly toxic yet still impressive edifice - lots of litter and a few really worrying looking fish - if your keen on angling you'd be advised to just throw them back !


Route 1 Picnic by the Pond, Parva

one of the many minor picnic spots along Route 1 however this one has a few points of interest to explore


Route 1 Picnic lay-by, Mormo

another example of places to break your journey along the East-West highway, you can park here too !


Route 2 (North Heterocera Coast Road) : Unmissable items for your travelogue !

Route 2 Pier and Picnic area, Snout

a pier and dock linking the highway to the sea at remote Snout Point, a place to sit at your journey's end (or beginning) and gaze out across the wide ocean


Route 2 Market Square, Satellite

a historic market area, currently under regeneration, several traders are trying their hand here already, with doubtless more to come as the highways converge upon this prime location, don't steal from the stalls, you may end up in the stocks !


Route 2 Junction and Picnic Glade, Sallow

an island of greenery delineated by a triangular road junction, have a romantic picnic here, screened by the trees


Route 2 Seaview Spur, Sallow

a turning area and access point to the ocean at the end of a tree-lined cul-de-sac, picnic facilities of course !


Route 2 Bridge and pools, Tawny

the watercourse has been dammed here in the past, so for the moment the river stream trickles through choked pools and rusty culverts as it passes beneath the arching span of the old bridge


Route 2 Old Viaduct, Eggar

development has raised the level of the land here, and the small valley spanned by the viaduct shows few clues as to it's original purpose, however the arches still provide shelter from the elements for flora and fauna, and it might appear, tramps too !


Route 2 Great Seawall, Buff

just around the corner from a picnic parking lay-by with panoramic views across Buff Bay, stretches the long stone line of Buff sim's coastal defences. You can stroll onto the short pier and along the boardwalk promenade which offers a bracing ocean breeze on wilder days.


Route 2 River Bridge, Buff

spanning the estuary into Buff Bay, this bridge offers further views from it's relative elevation above the rushing waters


Route 2 Arboreal Roundabout, Buff

three roads converge here at an old tree of such character and antiquity that a roundabout was constructed around it to preserve it's majesty for all to admire, quite what species it represents has been open to much controversy !


Route 2 Iron Bridge, Quaker

although lost in modern development, this relic from the industrial revolution, now spanning little more than a dried up canal basin, has been fully restored and shined up to something of it's former glory, even passing a health and safety audit recently with flying colours !


Miscellaneous Mainland Points of Interest for Intrepid Explorers

Playground Ship on DaBoom

big maritime playground with freebies


Playground on Rivula

cute little playground


Juice Bar, Brownlee

Keeping residents healthy with a Contemporary Juice Bar. Free Smoothies!


The Volcano Island, Ichelus

A tropical Tiki village and exploding Volcano!!