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Transport Links

Please note that Highways information has been relocated to a dedicated sub directory accessed from the LDPW wiki

You may also go straight to : Second Life Road Network Directory

Bay City Sites : Urban hangouts for your must-see list!

Bay City Industrial Park.jpg

Bay City Industrial Park

The heart of industry in Bay City for rail to boat traffic.

Inner Harbor (32, 27, 24)

Bay City Municipal Airport.jpg

Bay City Municipal Airport, Hau Koda

Hangar, terminal and a runway; the airship mooring tower is just to the south in the Bay City - Docklands Region.

Hau Koda (153, 23, 24)

New Port Yacht Club.jpg

Bay City Yacht Harbor, New Port

Yacht club, seaplane ramp, and boat slips for lease.

New Port (127, 236, 24)

Bayjou Theater.jpg

Bayjou Theater, Bay City

A home for machinima movies in Bay City.

Bay City - Rollers (55, 25, 24)

Cafe Deco.jpg

Cafe Deco, Bay City

Classy Art Deco Cafe. Cool place to relax, listen to music and have a free coffee!

Bay City - Molesworth (73, 153, 24)

Canal Park Municipal Wading Pool.jpg

Canal Park and Municipal Wading Pool, Bay City

Peaceful park and wading pool in Bay City - Morton

Morton/201/196/24 Bay City - Morton (201, 196, 24)


Channel Island Asylum, Bay City

For all the mad people. Very Scary!!

South Channel (169, 247, 27)


Far Point Park, Bay City Molesworth

A geometric park of leafy tranquility, remotely situated for your pleasure and relaxation

Bay City - Molesworth (214, 199, 25)

Hot Balls Bowling Alley.jpg

Hot Balls, Bay City Handa

Knock 'em down in Bay City's own bowling alley

Bay City - Handa (52, 233, 25)

The Lab in Bay City Moloch.jpg

The Lab in Bay City Moloch

A mysterious, abandoned lab. what sort of foul experiments took place here?

Bay City - Moloch (133, 67, 25)



Archeological site in Bay City - Imaginario featuring the Mole-azer, the labryinth, and other fun pursuits

Bay City - Imaginario (247, 141, 24)

Moose Beach.jpg

Moose Beach Infohub

Enjoy the local ambience at Squishybottoms Rock and Roadhouse or grab a table at Scales 'n' Tails.

Moose Beach (57, 57, 24)

Miscellaneous Mainland Points of Interest for Intrepid Explorers

Playground Ship on DaBoom

big maritime playground with freebies

Da Boom (165, 134, 35)

Playground on Rivula

cute little playground

Rivula (195, 56, 34)

Juice Bar, Brownlee

Keeping residents healthy with a Contemporary Juice Bar. Free Smoothies!

Brownlee (209, 150, 105)

The Volcano Island, Ichelus

A tropical Tiki village and exploding Volcano!!

Ichelus (142, 192, 23)

LDPW Showcase Conference Center, Boardroom

For the business types of the grid. Two modern style buildings ready to accomodate medium to large meetings/conferences.

Boardroom (113, 113, 25)

Castle Valeria

A romantic interpretation of a medieval German castle; also, a pirate lair!

Castle Valeria (175, 196, 68)

Mos Ainsley

In space, no one can hear you type ... experience the far future at the base on Mos Ainsley. Spacesuits available for all!

Mos Ainsley (134, 131, 48)


Pruni Park

Small wild and overgrown area with pool, treehouse and campfire areas.

Pruni (73, 217, 62)


Bhima Lido Hall

Lido Hall with music, and patio with conversational areas.

Bhima (143, 97, 39)

Ahab's Haunt.jpg

Ahab's Haunt

This is a tropical beach crowned by the skeleton of a giant beast. Hammocks and inner tubes, undersea treasure and lots to explore for divers, places to rezz your boats, and more!

Ahab's Haunt (116, 143, 22)

Pyri Funfair at Pyri Peaks

Pyri arrival.png
Pyri Fair View.png

While following along the Great Wall, you might come across the ticket booth to the Pyri Fair. Pyri (60, 47, 115)

Touch the floating barrel with the sign to ride a boat to the fair. Sandeulbaram (217, 228, 22)

Walk or run (ctrl-R) up the mountain to the fair. When you're there, ride the carousel, eat some cotton candy, and get your fortune told.

Make sure to try the Tunnel of Love. It's full of surprises. Remember to wear your ticket!


This ancient city has recently been discovered. Mysterious crystals, a temple, assembly hall, and palace surround a large pool.

Nautilus - Malchus (9, 29, 72)

... and a large park:

Nautilus - Baal (72, 140, 23)

... and a harbor, with a nearby market:

Nautilus - Yamm (114, 205, 22)

Highlights around the Great City of Nautilus


The Pharos, Nautilus-Byth

As intrepid seafarers approach the great water channel leading to the ancient city; strange flickering beams in the sky, followed by a sighting of a lofty tower, alert them to the presence of the treacherous Nautilean coast. This large beam-house is The Pharos, and was constructed as a navigational aid replacing a much smaller crystal beacon, the ruins of which may still be seen on a nearby outcrop. Statues of sea creatures festoon the terraces of the Pharos, whilst a large idol of Hydraea, Goddess of the Sea, faces out to the Western Sea, both embracing friend and threatening foe with upraised hands. At the top of the tower rests the main lamp house where crystal energy passes through deflection grids to be streamed out to the cardinal points of the compass, clearly visible for many miles. Halfway up the tower, within a small open chamber at the top of the great stairway, is a focussing relay crystal which controls the nature of the Pharos' beam to suit the prevailing weather conditions.

Inside the great hall at the foot of the structure lies the main crystal reactor, within a deep containment pit surrounded by an energy screen. On one side of the barriers stands the console containing the control array and spectral coolant rods. As a protection against power overload, the reactor is gated to the sea via an internal pool and underwater tunnel, so that in the event of such an emergency, it may be flooded with seawater and extinguished. This pool should be empty and serene, however the Pharos has gained an 'unofficial' resident during some phase of it's existence. A rogue scientist fell from favour with the council of Nautilean elders due to his somewhat aggressive and more than a little xenophobic attitudes toward foreign trade, building crystal powered mechanical sea boats to disrupt passing trade and seize wealth for himself. Exiled from the main citadel he barricaded himself inside the Pharos, settling inside the main chamber where he constructed a new vessel within the confines of the coolant pool, periodically venturing forth from his lair via the sea tunnel to harry vulnerable shipping and steal supplies. This undoubtedly resourceful individual was apparently not immune to the mysterious cataclysm which afflicted Nautilus in the distant past, indeed some enigmatic writings discovered within the chamber suggest he may actually have been instrumental in hastening its effects, and all that may now be seen to mark his occupancy are his last and greatest undersea vessel, a variety of somewhat incongruously added docking structures, and a scatter of books dealing with a variety of arcane and eclectic topics. Judging by the compact size of his vessel, the physical stature of the Professor did not in any way match that of his mind !

Nautilus - Byth (3, 191, 23)


Baal Public Park, Nautilus-Baal

Nautilus sports a pair of public parks adjacent to the canal bank. Furthest east lies Baal Park, which contains a small seating area where one may sit and watch crystal particle beam displays, and also a small secluded pool for relaxation and contemplation known as 'The Eye of Baal', the reason for which may be clearly seem when viewing the feature from the air.

Nautilus - Baal (69, 176, 22)


Kothar Public Park, Nautilus-Kothar

The second park is located immediately adjacent within the Kothar district and contains a large outdoor public pool and thermal spa area alongside stone walkways. This location, in addition to the wild vegetation and arboreta common to both parks, also features a large outdoor mechanical chess set, the workings of which have yet to be precisely discovered, and a natural pool within which sits a small island upon which is sited a monument of unknown assignation.

Nautilus - Kothar (3, 186, 22)


City Sea Gate, Nautilus-Melqart

Two enormous bronze gates close the sea channel against hazards where it enters the great citadel wall. These may be swung open and shut, forming a bright star in the centre which acts as a night beacon when they are closed against entry.

Nautilus - Melqart (83, 228, 25)


The Canal, Nautilus

The deep channel of The Great Canal extends from the Citadel due east, and straight as a die, to the ocean, which it meets at the turbulent waters surrounding the Pharos. The channel has become home to various flora and fauna over the years.

Nautilus - Elissa (129, 6, 10)

Magellan Linden's Mole Tank, Nautilus-Mysehi

Technically his "atomic boring machine". This 4000 ton vehicle was constructed by the LDPW moles to Magellan's specifications; powered by a 500 megawatt fission reactor, it can slowly burrow below the terrain surface. Magellan used it only once, to cross under the strange dome or shield which hid and protected the city of Nautilus.

Nautilus - Mysehi (110, 40, 23)

The Blake Sea

Connecting the Mainland to the United Sailing Sims is the Blake Sea, venue for exciting boat races and other nautical activity! A few islands exist in the Blake Sea; some of them are:

Half Hitch


A picturesque fishing village, with seaplane and ferry access, lots to explore here, boat races daily !

The local pub "The Sailor's Knot Inn", will be pleased to welcome you for a pint of Sweaty Old Mole or some other delicious ale.

Blake Sea - Half Hitch (120, 136, 22)


Tropical resort.

Blake Sea - Windlass (176, 42, 25)

Other islands in the Blake Sea harbor smugglers, castaways, and sea creatures galore!

Sea of Fables

Mare Secundus

The Degrand Channel

Degrand, and surrounding sims to east and west


An extensive area of undersea features for the intrepid venturer to explore !

So put on your scuba set, mer-tail, or hop in your mini submarine and get under the waves.

There are sunken civilisations, black smoker volcanoes, blue hole deep sea caverns, brine lakes, lonely lighthouses, sunken vessels ...

... or a myriad other wonderful things there to be discovered, maybe even buried treasure !

A great place to start from is the small Help Island area in Degrand

Degrand (95, 187, 24)

Hatstat Ocean Area

Hatstat and surrounding regions


Descriptions to be added, in the meantime just dive into the sea and find out !

Hatstat (108, 24, 23)


There are many major items of interest in the 'adult' continent of Zindra, architectural marvels, major feats of civil engineering and of course the quirky but fun Zindra mono rail system !

Pengallen Bridge


This bridge, together with it's near twin the Silvercreek Bridge on Jeogeot was a prototype for a new design of modern suspension bridge in SL

Don't let that worry you, it's very safe !

Pengallen Bridge (99, 53, 53)

Pengallen Monument


A Springtime monument, created on May Day and full of mystical symbolism.

Spend some time here, look for the patterns, find peace.

Pengallen Bridge (139, 78, 56)

The North Reservoir


This large inland body of water is retained behind an earthen bank dam of considerable size

The dam is open access, via the buildings and tunnel entrance at the foot of the dam

Internal tunnelways deep within the dam lead to storage facilities and to the central pump tower, also accessible by internal ladder for those not afraid of heights

The belltower spillway is connected to the pump tower and contains the main outflow system, beware of falling in - it's a long way out !

The dam has been unmanned for some time, there are rumours that other stranger things have moved into the tunnels ...

Ear defenders and safety harness recommended.

Pengallen Bridge (200, 240, 39)

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