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==Periodicals Related to Second Life==
==Periodicals Related to Second Life==
*[http://npirl.blogspot.com/ Not Possible IRL (Not Possible in Real Life - Bettina Tizzy's blog)]
*[http://www.slhistory.org/index.php/Main_Page Second Life History Wiki]
*[http://www.slhistory.org/index.php/Main_Page Second Life History Wiki]
*[http://ewingfashionagency.wordpress.com/ EFA Blog]
*[http://ewingfashionagency.wordpress.com/ EFA Blog]

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Periodicals Related to Second Life

Editorial and Advertising Contacts for Second Life Related Periodicals

Second Life Periodicals Editorial and Press Contacts
Periodical Editorial contact Ad contact
Metaverse Messenger Staff advertising AT metaversemessenger.com
Second Style Magazine editor [AT] secondstyle.com sales [AT] secondstyle.com
SL Universe Editorial Contact Advertising Contact
Franklin McMahon Studio frank [AT] fmstudio.com frank [AT] fmstudio.com
ALTAMODA Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine info [AT] altamodamagazine.com info [AT] altamodamagazine.com
New World Notes hamlet [AT] secondlife.com hamlet [AT] secondlife.com
Second Life News Network Staff


Massively Editorial staff Advertising Contact
Linden Lifestyles Editorial Contact Advertising Contact
Second Life Herald Editorial Staff Advertising Staff
Slate Magazine Editorial Staff
RezNation Contact Contact
The Seventh Sun Contact Contact
News2Life - Second Life Business News portal Contact Ad Contact
HodgePodge Variety, your guide to an easier and informed Second Life (R) i.fiddlesticks [at] metanetworkmedia.com
[http://www.sl-newspaper.com/ dana.vanmoer@gmail.com jamestjuno@gmail.com

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