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Torley's settings (as of 2012-08-20) for awesome photo shoots used in official Linden Lab materials — and just for fun! Many of these are overridden debug settings:

Rendering quality

  • RenderVolumeLODFactor = 8
    • Smooths out jaggies on spheres and other curvy objects.

Depth of field

Optimized for "creamier" bokeh and softer DOF appearance — which has the side benefit of somewhat higher performance. Optional: tap Ctrl-0 a few times to zoom in and narrow the field of view, creating a more intimate relationship with the tightly-focused subject matter.

  • CameraFNumber = 2
    • Adjust per scene: lower it to something like 0.050 if zoomed out and shooting tilt-shift-style cities
  • CameraFieldOfView = 2.5
  • CameraFocalLength = 250
  • CameraMaxCoF = 20

Useful references