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[[File:Premium 1 map.png|200px|thumb|right|Map of all continents]]
[[File:Premium 1 map.png|200px|thumb|right|Map Premium 1 continent]]
[[File:Premium S1 map.png|200px|thumb|right|Map Premium South1 continent]]
[[File:Premium S1 map.png|200px|thumb|right|Map Premium South1 continent]]

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Map Premium 1 continent
Map Premium South1 continent
Map Premium South2 continent
Map Premium South3 continent
Map Premium Sea

The Premium Continents are a group of 4 continents with similar Geography. They are created to host premium homes. They don't appear on many maps and their creation is relatively new.


Premium 1 (or Premium East) appears in an older map as Nacera. It is situated West to Satori. If you look further East, you will get to Zindra. Premium South continents is places South to Jeogeot. Premium South 1 is the northern, Premium South 2 is betwen Premium south 1 and Premium South 3. Premium South 3 is the most southern continent, almost as remote as Zindra.

Common features

All 4 continents are similar, with common geographical features. They cotain 70% to 90% residential sims. Ther residential sims are created for premium homes (Linden homes). There are 4 themed models of sims. Each themed sim contains themed premium homes, a small central park and small roads (foot paths). There are a few rivers (that end up with large estuaries). The largest river is formed from a dam in center of the continent and then flows East. At the border between themed residential sims, there are park sims. A park sim is a made for recreation. The majority of the park sims and all the residential sims have 'no script' enabled. In West, there are two sims with Japanese gardens (they have script enabled). The majority of the shores are unfinished. There is a coast road in West, but it is not used often. The seas and rivers are navigable, but without ship rezz zones, there are not water vehicles on them.


Premium East is the first created premium continent and the most complete one. It is nearly the same size with Zindra. It has 8 premium sandboxes (linked into 2 groups). Close to the sandboxes there are the 4 'glitch' sims, with dry desert land and two sims for vehicle rezz. Also, at a small dixtance you can find the premium wilderness sims. It has some uninhabited sims in North-East, for possible new premium homes.

Premium South 1 is the smallest and less developed continent. It has no sandbox, just the residential sims and some park sims.

Premium south 2 has 4 premium sandboxes united into a single block. The main difference to Premium South 1 is the presence of some extra sims to South-East.

Premium South 3 is the second in size and almist identical with Premium South 2. To South, there are some remote sims: the premium snowlands (similar with the snowlands of Sansara and the premium railway (on 4 sims).

Land permissions

All the premium continents are Linden owned, so they are mainland. Land here cannot be both or sold. To get land here, you need to make a premium account and request a linden home. You will get for free a parcel of 512 meters of land, with 117 prims allowed. There is no way you can choose on what sim or continent you will have your home. The home will be in a themed residential sim (with homes of the same theme). The house itself has about 60 prims (half of the prim limit). You cannot make major changes to your home. However, you can edit them with a special access menu. The land has some restrictions: no terraform, no skyboxes and no selling. Residential sims are made like residential districts in real life, so you cannot be noisy (you cannot make a night club, yuo cannot shout or do anything that would disturb the neighbours). You can change some land features, like rezz/pushing, script restrictions and you can create ban lines.

Since premium land cannot be sold, the only way to get land on another mainland continent (and don't increase land tier) is to abandon land on the premium continent and buy land where you want.


List Of Continents

[1] - Linden Homes