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(Will there be various tests provided that I can help test this new beta version?)
m (Beta Common Questions moved to Preview Grid Common Questions: The Beta Grid has been renamed the "Preview Grid". Certain projects may be in beta, but they are accessed on the Preview Grid, which has its own rules and behaviors.)
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I can't log in; It's asking about checking my password for caps lock. What do I do?

First, make sure the creation date of your avatar is earlier than when the database snapshot was taken. This information will usually be published when a beta grid opens to the public, and can be found on the preview page. Also, if you have changed your password since the database snapshot date you will need to use your old password from that date to login.

I've logged on but my clothes or skin dont look correct?

When first logging into a beta version its usual to have your inventory copied from the main grid for items upto that date, but the beta snapshot or database may have been copied weeks or months ago. Before reporting a bug Try changing to another skin and set of clothes so that your avatar is correctly updated. You may also find that your attachments being worn are those from the date of the database copy and not the day you logged in.

I have lots of Linden Dollars here. Can I spend it how I like?

Yes the beta grid is designed for testing and isnt connected to the main grid so no Linden Dollars you spend here will reflect on your balance on the main grid, It also means you cant transfer the L$back to your main grid account or any objects you create/buy in the preview grid. It also means 3rd party websites cannot be used as well as network vendors.

Can I buy Land in Beta?

Sorry due to the automated system for land buying its currently not possible to buy land on the beta grid, The transfer of land and other related functions will be tested in house. We will endevour to provide enough free building space to test out various feature additions and bugfixes.

I think I've found a bug but cant quite explain it, Can you help?

Yes, Please do your best to fill out a Bug Report but if you have special objects or condition that you cant quite describe or want to pass on you should contact a member of the Quality Assurance Team who will try to reproduce and help file a report.

Will there be various tests provided that I can help test this new beta version?

Yes we will try and put out some tests either before or just after the beta grid opens to the public, Apart from doing those tests its generally a good idea just to explore the new features for that beta and see if you see any other mistakes and bugs, This also goes for other areas of the client where bug fixes have taken place.

I have an Idea for a new feature or can you tell me about upcoming features :)?

While we try and discuss and provide info on the features in the current release we are simply not allowed to discuss or are unaware of upcoming plans now matter how nicely you ask, Also we cant take new feature suggestions either inworld or via the bug reporter, the best place to get them seen by the development team is to create a Feature Suggestion in the Issue_tracker

Can I buy more linden dollars using the currency exchange?

Sorry but like land this system will be tested by in house staff, We will try and provide you with enough funds to do adequate testing of the features without needing any extra.

I'm a Private Estate owner is it possible to test using my Region on the Beta Grid.

Yes this is possible but limited to demand, A region may only be made available for a few days to share out resources, The contents and availability of the region will be limited to the day the database snapshot was taken.

Are there other systems that wont work in beta?

Yes, Features such as XML-RPC, llEmail and Postcards to Email have been disabled, This is to prevent such features being used to transfer L$ or goods on the main grid using beta grid Linden Dollars. As such inworld ATM's as well as email network vendors will be non-functional. These functions will be tested by Lindens themselves.

The region I was in went down and hasnt come back up, The grid is unavailable, what do I do?

Sometimes regions will crash and may not come back up, due to the beta nature the region may not be repaired until the next working day, on other hands, we may have to disable to free up machines to test other features, So while we try and maintain a core area of the beta grid any region is subject to change, this also goes for the availability of the grid, it may need to be taken down for testing or upgrades, these are usually done at short notice, and as is the nature of beta testing you may have to download quite a few versions of the client during a beta test.

Are the release notes and known issues accurate for each beta build thats released?

Wherever possible these will be accurate to a point, The release notes are written before the new version is built, and while we endevour to have the issue fixed there may be a build problem or a bug may manifest itself in a different way to a point where it actually hasnt been sucesfully fixed.