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Primitives in Second Life are constructed by starting with a basic two dimensional shape, modifying it, and extruding it in to the third dimension along a path while applying modifications to the extrusion. The most basic example is a cube which starts out as a 2D square and extrudes along a linear path with no modifications to make a cube. A cylinder starts out as as circle and extrudes along the same linear path. If the circle was extruded along a circular path you would create a ring, and if a half-circle is extruded along another type of circular path you create a sphere.

2D Shape (Profile)

  • ProfileCurve

2D Shape (Profile) Modifications

  • ProfileBegin
  • ProfileEnd
  • ProfileHollow

Extrusion (Path)

  • PathCurve

Extrusion (Path) Modifications

  • PathBegin
  • PathEnd
  • PathScaleX
  • PathScaleY
  • PathShearX
  • PathShearY
  • PathTwistBegin
  • PathTwist
  • PathRadiusOffset
  • PathTaperX
  • PathTaperY
  • PathRevolutions
  • PathSkew