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Projects - Used to categorize issues into logical groups.

Components - Used to specify which part of a system the issue affects.

When you create or search for an issue in the Public Issue Tracker, it is essential to understand the Tracker's organizational structure. The table below outlines typical issues that should fall under given Projects in the Public Issue Tracker:

Projects and Components in JIRA
Viewer (VWR) Service (SVC) Website (WEB) Miscellaneous (MISC)
  • Avatar/Character
  • Building (in-world)
  • Chat/IM
  • Crashes
  • Documentation
  • Graphics
  • Internationalization
  • Inventory
  • Land
  • Linden Dollars (L$)
  • Missing Content
  • Performance
  • Permissions
  • Physics
  • Scripting
  • Sound
  • Source Code
  • Stipends
  • User Interface
  • Voice
  • HTTPRequest
  • Internationalization
  • Performance
  • Physics
  • Scripts
  • Simulation
  • Teleport
  • Account summary
  • blog.secondlife.com
  • Developer Directory
  • Events
  • forums.secondlife.com
  • Friends Online
  • Interactive map
  • jira.secondlife.com
  • Land Store
  • lindenlab.com
  • Lindex
  • New account creation
  • Public Data Feeds
  • Public Metrics & Charts
  • secondlife.com
  • teen.secondlife.com
  • wiki.secondlife.com
  • Miscellaneous
Second Life Viewer (VWR)
Issues pertaining to the Second Life viewer are reported under this project.
  • llGetDate() is returning the wrong date Observed at 10:30 PM PDT on March 19, llGetDate() returns 2007-03-20 (Component = Scripting)
  • "My avatar clothing is all black after installing a video driver update" (Component = Avatar/Character)
  • "Objects in my Inventory do not remain sorted in the correct order after logging out and back in again" (Component = Inventory)
Second Life Service (SVC)
Issues pertaining to the Second Life service are reported here.
  • "Server performance decreases when several avatars teleport into the region at once" (Component = Performance and/or Teleport)
  • "My scripted objects are not able to talk to the outside world after Second Life grid downtime" (Component = Scripts).
Second Life Website (WEB)
Issues pertaining to the Second Life website are in this project.
  • "Wiki prevents login for users with a dash in their name" (Component = wiki.secondlife.com)
  • "jira.secondlife.com always forces me to authenticate even if I save my login information" (Component = jira.secondlife.com).
Second Life Miscellaneous (MISC)
Any other type of issue should be reported in the MISC project.
  • "The TOS does not allow me to edit the viewer source code" (Component = Miscellaneous)