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Quickie Wiki Intro

We encourage new and existing Mentors and Apprentices arriving to create a Wiki Profile Page for yourself on the Second Life Wiki so people can always find you. This is particularly useful for those with language abilities or other skills.

You can detail information about yourself above and beyond what you normally would send out via SL Volunteer mailing list. Additionally you can incorporate simple templates into your page which will automatically "register" your group role or abilities.

To create your Profile Page

  1. Open your Internet browser and go to: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki
  2. Click the LOG IN/CREATE ACCOUNT link at the top right of the page. When you do, you will use your IN-WORLD name and your IN-WORLD password. The page is secured by SSL, so you will not have to worry too much about your password being sent clear text.
  3. After logging in, your name will appear at the top of the page. It is a hyperlink which you will click. You will be sent to a page such as: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Jane_Doe and you will placed into EDIT mode (because the page doesn't exist). If you are familiar with Wiki's, begin creating your Profile Page.
  4. Even if you're not familiar with Wiki's, put anything in there that you can think of and is pertinent to your role as a mentor. You can work on the formatting later.
  5. You can visit the Wiki help pages https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Help:Contents http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents for details on what the wiki markups are. You can also view the wiki markups of other people's pages, to see what they did to make their pages look the way they do. Edit the other mentor's page to view the markups, BUT DON'T SAVE YOUR CHANGES.
  6. If you are not able to figure out the wiki markup, contact the any number of SL Mentor Scribes ( https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:SL_Mentor_Scribes ) and ask them if they'll help you with your page. Please note that there will need to be "sweat equity" on your part. Don't expect the scribes to produce a really really fancy page for you. They have their own pages to work on. Many of them are working on a translation project so their time may be limited.

Either way, you'll need to think about what you're going to tell the other mentors and commit it in writing so it can be "wiki-fied."