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*Surfaqua Oh
*Surfaqua Oh
*Hobo Helpers
*Hobo Helpers
*NCI - (Wellington Beam?)
*NCI - Rep: Garn Conover (Wellington Beam)

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Resident Help Network SL7B Presentations

  • June 2010, presentations from the Resident Help Network will be available for Second Life Community to attend! As part of the SL7B celebration and the theme of accidental collaboration, RHN members will add some wonderful and experienced insight!
  • Slurls:
    • Booth: Coming Soon!
    • Presentation Area: Coming Soon!

Group/CG Name Presenter Presentation Topic Presentation Date/Time
Mental Mentors Doctor Gascoigne topic date
Virtual Ability Gentle Heron topic date
Phoenix Wave Team Ghost Ulich topic date
White Tiger Mentors Treacle Darlandes topic date

Booth Contributors

  • Design:


  • Mental Mentors
  • SecondAbility Mentors
  • Virtual Ability
  • Phoenix Wave Team
  • White Tiger Mentors
  • Surfaqua Oh
  • Hobo Helpers
  • NCI - Rep: Garn Conover (Wellington Beam)