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The page is under construction. Please contact sue @ lindenlab dot com with comments/questions.


The intention of this wiki is to share information on what international government agencies are publicly doing in Second Life, interesting links, and guidance from others on government related policies, such as firewall security and 508 compliance information. Please add your own content, questions, and experiences. If you add a new wiki page, please sure to add a link to that page here as well as add ""

Mailing Lists

Linden Lab maintains a Real Life Government in Second Life mailing list to keep interested individuals alerted to government agency related opportunities and events on the Second Life Grid. This list is also an opportunity for organizations to communicate with each other as well as find new colleagues. If you want to quickly get up to speed and learn from the shared experiences of others on the Second Life Grid, or if you have questions about how to best use the Second Life Grid with your organization's projects, this is the best place to start! MAILING LIST TO BE CREATED

We also maintain other related mailing lists to help you find colleagues and share ideas on more specific topics. In addition to joining the comprehensive mailing list mentioned above, you might like to join these more focused discussions. They are: Educators, Non-Profits, and Corporate Use