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This page contains self-listed providers of support for use of the Registration API.

Note to listers: by listing here, you are offering to provide support for users of the RegAPI and by so doing, are indicating that you have appropriate knowledge of both the RegAPI and the appropriate scripting languages and host installation to do so.

Note to users: Linden Lab makes no representation of the performance of companies or individuals listed here. Use at your own risk! As you would with any other service, ask for references, have clear agreement on performance, timeline and fees, and be reasonable in your expectations.


  • Contact information:

In-world: IM active6 Aeon



  • Services provided:

We are a web design & application development company, specializing in Rich Internet Applications, primarily based on PHP, Adobe Flash/Flex and C#.NET.

We can create Flash/Flex based Second Life registration pages, fully integrated with your web pages.

Languages Spoken: English, Dutch, French, German, some Japanese.

Take a look at our Flash/Flex registration demo showing some of the advantages of a RIA interface over a plain HTML page:

The backend uses PHP scripts (compatible with 4 and 5)

  • Contact information:
    SL IM: Ina Centaur (English)
  • Site:


  • Contact information:
    SL IM: Adam Rakosi (English, Spanish), Neko Longduk (Japanese, Mandarin)
    Email: (English, Spanish), (Japanese, Mandarin)
    Phone: (800) 9-CENTRIC or (818) 985-8855
  • Services provided:
    RegAPI implementation: on our gateways or on your website.
    Full-service metaverse development: from partial regions to world-spanning strategies.
    Technology development: LSL to back-end database integration and media support.

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin


  • Contact information:

In-world IM Kinzo Nurmi, or by email at

  • Services provided:

We are a full service SL content development company, delivering a full line of services from Web Portal development to in-world experiences. We provide end-to-end solutions, including gathering project metrics, in addition to ad-hoc project work.

We can provide support and/or development of your Second Life registration pages, welcome centers tailored to your brand, and metric collection systems.

Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, Mandarin

We have available a generic registration page that has all of the required scripting for a registration portal, including dynamic error catching. You do not need to be an expert in PHP; that work is already done for you. Just add your capability URLs, HTML and web graphics to customize the look, and you're ready to go.

A sample of the generic portal can be found at

The generic registration portal is compatible with php4.0 and php5.0.

Feedback : "Quick and clean service. It just work." Kerunix Flan 13:20, 5 July 2007 (PDT)

FireSabre Consulting LLC

  • Contact information:
    IM Gus Plisskin in SL, or email us at: bulkaccounts /AT/ FireSabre /DOT/ com. 713-429-1750
  • Services provided:
    FireSabre offers several kinds of RegAPI service.
    1) We create a batch of bulk accounts for your project.
    2) We can also provide a website with which you can register your own accounts as needed.
    3) We can also integration account creation with web applications.

We've been providing RegAPI services since 2006. We're experienced, and have provided bulk accounts for quite a few clients.

Please contact us about your SL account creation needs. Our services are fast, inexpensive, and flexible.

For more information see: --Gus Plisskin 18:01, 16 July 2007 (PDT)

MageTech LLC

  • Contact information:
    IM Alexander Regent in SL, or email us at: or call directly at 617-256-8030
  • Services provided:

Any needed including:

  1. Full API support of both bulk and individual registrations, either through your own website or our existing gateways. References available upon request.
  2. Full service scripting and backend server/database development to track usage of your new clients.
  3. "in-world" sim and parcel development on a per project basis.

Language: English, et aussi Francais!

SLTurkiye (Hakan ŞEN)

  • Services provided:

Any needed including:

  1. Reg API Configuration. (Second Life Registration API Kurulum ve Konfigürasyonu)
  2. Web Based Second Life Projects (Surveys, Visitor Counting vs.)
  3. "in-world" land management.

Language: Türkçe, English!