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(Release Notes for Viewer 2.0.1 Beta 203538)
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This is a beta release. Please refer to the Viewer 2 Known Issues for important information and limitations with this release.

Release Notes for Viewer 2.0.1 Beta 203538

Read the Release Blog Post for a description of the contents of this Beta release.

Crash Fixes

  • Crash due to Infinite loop in LLMotionController::activateMotionInstance
  • Crash at writeEntriesAndClose: ASSERT (num_entries == mHeaderEntriesInfo.mEntries)
  • Crash at LLTextureCache::updatedHeaderEntriesFile [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp:1292]
  • Crash at LLTextureCache::openAndReadEntry [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp:1111]
  • Crash in LLPopupView::handleMouseEvent
  • Crash in LLImageBase::allocateData()

Debugging Code Inserted

  • Crash in LLViewerMediaImpl::calculateInterest()
  • Crash on Intel 965 in glCopyTexSubImage2D
  • Crash on ATI 3200

Bug Fixes

  • VWR-17258: Unable to Pay Object That Features Transparent (alpha) Texture
  • VWR-18705: Cannot accept Terms and Conditions and so cannot log in at all
  • Update Vivox SDK to 3.1.0001.8385
  • Add maturity icons to Prefs -> General
  • Some textures loading from cache seems jammed
  • Beta Viewer channel reports as "Second Life Developer"
  • Profile picture is blurry / fuzzy if IM is opened first
  • "Are you sure you want to teleport..." dialog has broken "[LOCATION]" tag
  • SL webkit no longer reports "Second Life" in the HTTP_USER_AGENT
  • Disabled attachment media still plays
  • Cannot open Advanced menu on Linux (ctrl-alt-shift-d is disabled)