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To learn more about the Viewer 2 series of Second Life Viewers, see the comprehensive Release Notes for Viewer 2.0.0 (203055).

Release Notes for Beta 1 - Second Life Beta Viewer 2.5.0 (218716)

Released January 19, 2011

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Feature Highlights

  • Profiles: Profiles are now web-based, so they are accessible via either the Viewer or the Web (<>).
    • STORM-31 As a Product Owner, I want to ensure that our preferences are simple and reliable. Review the existing Preference set up and ensure we're not missing anything we need/don't need
  • Login Favorites: You can now login directly to any of the landmarks in your Favorites bar! Just go to Me > Preferences > Privacy and select 'Show my Favorite Landmarks at Login (via 'Start At' drop-down menu)' - but be sure you also have 'Show on login' enabled for 'Start location' in Me > Preferences > General.
    • STORM-34 As a User, I want a list of my favorite locations available on the login screen so I can log in to SL right where I want to be
  • Webkit Upgrade: We've upgraded Webkit, which is used for displaying media and web content (including Profiles), from 4.6 to 4.7.1
    • STORM-808 Upgrade Qt (via Qt/WebKit via LLQtWebKit) to v4.7.1, addition of new Web content floater and numerous LLQtWebKit / media plugin related fixes

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • CHOP-265 Second Life crashed previously notification not given after force quitting viewer on next login with option to submit crash report
  • DN-212 [crashhunters] LLCacheName::buildLegacyName
  • STORM-229 Loading Scripts takes a long time and stalls Viewer
  • STORM-521 [crashhunters] Crash at [0] LLAudioSource::hasPendingPreloads() [secondlife-bin llaudioengine.cpp]
  • STORM-636 [VWR-23839] Pulseaudio support is crashing web media on some new Linux distros
  • STORM-728 Viewer crashes while trying to send Snapshot to Email in mouselook mode
  • STORM-799 Crash in LLVivoxVoiceClient::notifyStatusObservers()
  • STORM-800 Crash in LLRemoteParcelInfoProcessor::processParcelInfoReply()
  • STORM-820 [VWR-24261] Configuration with cmake 2.8 is extremely slow
  • STORM-840 [SOCIAL-437] Viewer crashes opening My Profile panel

Bug Fixes

  • DN-207 Investigate why "unknown" is appearing in My Friends list
  • DN-211 Conference call dialog shows Conference with ??? (???) in title header with view display names on and off
  • DN-217 Changing between View Display Names on and off during a conference call session put viewer in a state where last name resident was shown in viewer everywhere for user in conference call with last name resident
  • STORM-104 Update KDU to more recent version (v6.4) so we take advantage of decompression perf gain
  • STORM-105 As a Developer, I want to create a Performance Data Tracking system so I can get a baseline of current performance before switching to a new lib
  • STORM-138 As a Content Creator, I want llTextBox input support in llDialog windows so users can input text into the space allotted in that floater
  • STORM-151 Modify viewer so that we link statically with kdu or openjpeg
  • STORM-242 Server version dialog message has incorrect release notes link
  • STORM-352 Vertical scrollbar isn't reshaped in resident profile panel after decreasing panel height
  • STORM-375 Clothing accordion is expanded after minimising Appearance floater
  • STORM-378 Snapshot animation should be played when snapshot is actually taken, not sent
  • STORM-391 The newer notification toasts appear over older messages
  • STORM-398 Message from nearby chat appears for avatar in Busy mode
  • STORM-401 People with whom the user has had a teleport offer are not added to Recent Tab
  • STORM-410 Region and parcel SLApps are displayed in non-human readable format
  • STORM-411 The most of additional options in the Teleport History profile are always disabled
  • STORM-412 Resident profile controls aren't reshaped on changing panel width
  • STORM-431 Hot keys don't work while use autocomplete in search field
  • STORM-432 Trash button in People > My Friends tab can be moved
  • STORM-434 Tooltips don't appear on Mini-Location bar
  • STORM-436 Favorites overflow list appears if select Teleport in the favorites context menu
  • STORM-438 My inventory floater is not restored if it was minimized and 'Open Attachment' button was pressed in the Group Profile
  • STORM-453 The libcurl version used by LL (7.20.1) does not support proxies, upgrade to 7.21.1
  • STORM-460 "Go" button is cropped from right in the Media Browser
  • STORM-461 Side Panel icons are shown in Mouselook mode
  • STORM-466 2.x minimap cannot be reset to default zoom
  • STORM-467 2.x minimap zoom does not persist to the next session
  • STORM-479 Landmark names have different colours in the My Landmarks and Teleport History tabs
  • STORM-485 'Cancel' button exceed the bounds of 'Group Invitation' floater
  • STORM-491 Black arrows appear near column's titles after pressing "Refresh" button
  • STORM-493 'Map' button slightly overlaps scroll bar into My Group info > Land/Assets accordion
  • STORM-498 There is no space between bottom bar and bottom border of resized and docked IM window
  • STORM-500 Content of Edit Clothing Panel is outside of the panel after resizing My Appearance floater
  • STORM-511 User is not able to view full name of group in title of group notification
  • STORM-513 "Allow media to auto - play" check-box is enable after Media check-box was unchecked
  • STORM-523 "Okay" notification on one notification overlayed by "discard" notification on incoming inventory offer
  • STORM-524 When I purchase Linden Dollars, I have to close the viewer and restart it in order for the Lindens to appear in my account
  • STORM-529 Undo feature missing from Build menu in Viewer 2.1
  • STORM-535 Please allow adjustable transparency of "Nearby Chat" window, Chat History and Chat "Toasts" in Viewer 2.0!
  • STORM-557 "Add friend" button is enabled when selected avatar has accepted Friendship offer
  • STORM-578 SLurl font color in the nearby chat toast doesn't respect Chat preferences
  • STORM-579 Resident SLURL font color doesn't match Chat preferences for plain text Nearby Chat log
  • STORM-584 Fix color and opacity setting for Bubble Chat
  • STORM-593 Make transparent texteditor and lineeditor
  • STORM-596 Enable Hints menu item should not be the last menu item
  • STORM-621 Take Tofu's patch, merge and test thoroughly
  • STORM-622 Texture picker screws up when multiple textures are opened
  • STORM-636 [VWR-23839] Pulseaudio support is crashing web media on some new Linux distros
  • STORM-666 Place profile overflow menu appears too far from overflow button
  • STORM-667 Nametag barely readable due to poor contrast
  • STORM-669 'Security browsing' icon is overlapped by 'More' button in object info mini-inspector
  • STORM-679 Compiling the viewer / inventory code gives minor link error
  • STORM-682 IM and notification toasts appear in wrong position if switch on mouse look when side tray is expanded
  • STORM-684 Floater transparency settings aren't applied for some floaters and/or controls inside them
  • STORM-688 Sidebar becomes semitransparent if dock semitransparent side panel back to the Sidebar
  • STORM-693 Preview thumbnails in the Edit Wearable and Edit Body Parts panels do not honor opacity settings
  • STORM-710 Small, empty drop down menu is opened after pressing downArrow button in the Search text field
  • STORM-713 XML/UI issues in llTextBox
  • STORM-714 Webprim's control bar doesn't dissapear after switching to mouselook mode
  • STORM-723 Inspecting single prim objects doesn't work in Viewer 2
  • STORM-726 I do not get logged into where my preferences specify I should go
  • STORM-727 Close and "<=" buttons are disabled when a new Landmark is created
  • STORM-730 Voice control panel doesn't honor active floater opacity setting
  • STORM-732 Voice Morphing floater is opaque on first open
  • STORM-733 Build Tools floaters are opaque on first open
  • STORM-735 Group icons are opaque in inactive People > My Groups tab
  • STORM-737 Inventory Recent tab is missing "+" control at bottom of panel
  • STORM-743 As a resident, I'd like to get the textures to render faster so that I can enjoy a colorful world faster instead of a world of gray spheres
  • STORM-744 KDU Improvements: add unit tests for llkdu
  • STORM-766 Day cycling image doesn't follow opacity settings
  • STORM-771 As someone working with outfits, copy/paste in Current Outfit Folder should paste links (which are supported) rather than objects (which are not)
  • STORM-774 IM and notification toasts don't honor floater transparency settings
  • STORM-776 Unable to change permissions to "no trans" on item in avatar inventory
  • STORM-781 "ExternalEditor" cannot handle multiple scripts opened at the same time
  • STORM-784 Tooltip of LSL Function llTextBox doesn't end with );
  • STORM-786 Back button, Username and Display Name are missing in Resident profile tab
  • STORM-796 Region SLURL rendering
  • STORM-801 Wrong checkbox label in panel preferences, advanced tab
  • STORM-802 [SNOW-744] scripts/ --uninstall does not always remove symbolic links
  • STORM-805 The world map can point to the wrong URL
  • STORM-806 External script editor doesn't work for inventory scripts
  • STORM-810 Pull from mani_linden/viewer-development/
  • STORM-812 Make bottom buttons in Object Profile identical for single and multi-prim objects
  • STORM-814 [VWR-10579] NDOF is erroneously required on standalone
  • STORM-815 [SNOW-240] Fix up standalone builds to find jsoncpp (create FindJsonCpp.cmake)
  • STORM-816 [VWR-24247] configure still searches for the wrong header file when checking for Tut
  • STORM-817 [VWR-24251] TUT_INCLUDE_DIR is set but not used, causing -DLL_TESTS:BOOL=ON to fail when Tut is installed in a non-standard place
  • STORM-818 [VWR-24252] Qt libraries are not properly searched for (on standalone), and the results of searching for llqtwebkit aren't used
  • STORM-819 [VWR-24254] Add support for on Linux
  • STORM-821 [VWR-20879] FTBFS: find_vc_dir() fails with Visual Studio Express
  • STORM-823 Tab Key not working properly
  • STORM-825 Re-enable the LLMatrix3::orthogonalize test in llmath/tests/m3math_test.cpp

Translation and Localization Updates

  • CT-635 Viewer 2.5 translation request
  • VWR-24079 [Strings in EN] - Preferences contain several strings in English and some truncations

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support the latest Second Life Releases, Viewers 2.4.0 (216989), 2.3.0 (214726) and 2.2.0 (212097), the 1.23 Second Life Release (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer 2.5.0 (218716).