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Release Notes for v3.2.9 (248932) - Second Life Beta Viewer

Released February 09, 2012

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • Crash in LLPipeline::generateWaterReflection()


  • Add diagnostic information to the viewer so developers can see where time is being spent setting up the user's avatar
  • Add "show mesh queue" to Show Info

Bug Fixes

  • SH-1427 In deferred rendering, solids get exponential light falloff decay, but alpha content gets linear light falloff decay
  • SH-2779 Hardware skinning graphic problem - mesh do not show up

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.2.6 (248086) and 3.2.5 (247236), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.2.9 (248932). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.