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Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Release Notes for v3.4.0 (264194) - Second Life Beta Viewer

Released August 31, 2012

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Feature Highlights


For more information on Pathfinding, see the Pathfinding Tools in the Second Life Viewer Wiki page

Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-113 [PUBLIC]Edit Mode temporarily turns on Property Lines
  • MAINT-515 symbol information for llcommon.dll is missing both in the debugger and in crash reports
  • MAINT-442 [PUBLIC]Unable to change parcel restrictions for a scripts-disabled parcel in a damage-enabled region
  • MAINT-646 Very low FPS on my AMD/Asus high end system.
  • MAINT-775 Viewer grinds to a halt when exploring Insilico
  • MAINT-840 [PUBLIC]Object by multiple creators shows creator as "(unknown)" in Inventory
  • MAINT-1144 [crashhunters] crash at LLPluginProcessParent::idle()
  • MAINT-1147 Frame stall in updating geometry in region crossing
  • MAINT-1161 non standard sea level not correctly rendered around private islands
  • MAINT-1197 Inventory jumps to the top when using Right Click -> Cut when a search term is active
  • MAINT-1253 The mesh importer support for applying textures in the preview window is broken.
  • MAINT-1270 Flexi softness of 1 causes prims to become flat at lower LODs
  • MAINT-1342 Default start location option is invalid
  • MAINT-1413 "Weights Of Selected" never gives any results after pathfinding tools were merged in.
  • MAINT-1414 User is not able to specify color of object with unchecked 'Apply now' chechbox
  • MAINT-1425 viewer spams the log with "LLViewerParcelMgr::requestParcelMediaURLFilter: can't get ParcelMediaURLFilterList cap" while editing an object
  • MAINT-1426 Texture repeats/meter reset before you can click Apply button
  • MAINT-1439 Kart rides sideways in 3.4.0 (263622)
  • OPEN-146 llphysicsextensions shared files have incorrect license
  • PATH-118 Add support to viewer to render more then one regions navmesh
  • PATH-142 Hook up the linkset grid UI to the linkset querying functionality
  • PATH-145 Build filtering functionality for the pathfinding linksets
  • PATH-149 Allow two different rendering modes based upon the display renderable UI option.
  • PATH-150 Parametrize the generatePath API based upon values from the pathing floater
  • PATH-177 Add the ability to toggle the generated path
  • PATH-180 Pathfinding libraries / viewer tools building on Linux.
  • PATH-181 Create LLPathingLibrary Stub
  • PATH-186 Hook up the linkset grid UI to the linkset editing functionality
  • PATH-187 Refactor the LLFloaterPathfindingLinksets class to decouple the capability service for querying/editing linksets
  • PATH-191 update llpathinglib to build on OSX
  • PATH-192 Integrate LLConvexDecomposition into LLPathingLib
  • PATH-194 Fix package architecture of havok, convex decomp and pathing to match appropriate standard conventions.
  • PATH-196 Add VBO cleanup logic to llpathinglibrary and viewer.
  • PATH-197 Add support for creating VBO's for navmeshes (we have them for physics shapes, so we can use some of that work).
  • PATH-198 Add and hook up "Path" indicator in the build tools
  • PATH-199 Make build tool disabling more fine-grained if the "Path" checkbox is checked
  • PATH-205 Surface navmesh download progress and perhaps disable some aspects of the pathfinder window until the navmesh is received
  • PATH-222 Draw the start position of a path regardless if a valid path has been generated (perhaps a star or circle, etc...)
  • PATH-225 Update the pathfinding linksets floater to the new mocks
  • PATH-226 Remove the duplicate cap service name check for ObjectNavMeshProperties from the code after the server-side code is fully deployed.
  • PATH-227 Fix the PUT response handler to update only the return fields rather than incorrectly re-populating the entire linksets scroll list
  • PATH-230 Opening the Pathfinding floater breaks ray casting in the viewer
  • PATH-235 Erroneous "functionality has not yet been implemented" viewer log messages when manipulating the viewer's Pathfinding floater
  • PATH-243 Implement character-selection panel
  • PATH-245 Viewer-side impl of character selection panel
  • PATH-264 Avatar needs to be locked into place when the pathfinding floater is opened
  • PATH-265 Surface pathing failures from the llpathinglibrary
  • PATH-266 The viewer's nav mesh view should do backface culling
  • PATH-267 Add support for rendering of walkable objects, obstacles and material phantoms.
  • PATH-275 Assert: navmesh / coarse graph UID mismatch
  • PATH-278 We need to introduce an option to select between downloading 1.) the current region and 2.) the current region and the neighboring regions. Some machines may not have the horsepower to handle the current region and it's neighbor.
  • PATH-282 Support for coloring navmesh by walkability
  • PATH-283 Navmesh doesn't appear unless one moves their view under the waterline.
  • PATH-284 Implement the new pathfinding console floater
  • PATH-287 Viewer performance crawls to a halt after loading a nav-mesh.
  • PATH-292 Implement the design and functionality changes to the linkset floater
  • PATH-296 Implement the sim-side freeze/unfreeze functionality in the viewer by accessing the cap service
  • PATH-297 Implement 'basic mode' panel for the viewer.
  • PATH-302 Implement the sim-state status reporting in the viewer using the CAP service and the simulator-to-viewer messaging
  • PATH-303 Project Viewer Ready to Distribute
  • PATH-304 Implement re-loading of the navmesh for out-of-date navmeshs
  • PATH-305 Investigate and implement gzipping of navmesh data for faster transfer
  • PATH-310 Make the cpu time in the characters panel report as microseconds.
  • PATH-317 Add a debug option to enable/disable use of vbos for navmesh visualization
  • PATH-341 [PATHBUG]Ratios for Walkability in the Pathfinding Linkset window cannot be set to 0
  • PATH-349 Characters floater incorrectly sorts by CPU time
  • PATH-356 Purge any data retained by the llpathinglibrary before teleporting.
  • PATH-387 Enabling lighting and shadows shader (at high setting) causes visual artifacts, including the rendering of trees in navmesh visualization mode.Visit Gecko (173, 160, 24)
  • PATH-394 Viewer should handle new msg "Agent now unfrozen"
  • PATH-396 When the pathfinding window is closed - any navmesh rendering options should be disabled.
  • PATH-405 When avatar crosses region boundary and if the pathfinding floater is up - display a message to the resident stating that the navmesh data maybe inconsistent with the current av's view.
  • PATH-433 Viewer path-test does not use character types
  • PATH-442 Can enable the 'phantom' flag on characters
  • PATH-445 Viewer should automatically update navmesh on region crossing
  • PATH-450 Editing a non permanent linked object shows tools for move, stretch, rotate
  • PATH-452 Viewer navmesh status indicates a region boundary has been crossed when avatar has not crossed region boundary
  • PATH-454 Object type can be changed with no notification to user while using builds to edit certain parameters on a permanent object in unfrozen mode
  • PATH-456 Changing collision properties of permanent objects is not allowed but build tools UI shows values as updated
  • PATH-469 Message to unfreeze to edit terrain is given even on land you do not have permission to edit
  • PATH-470 Return object option available on permanent object while in Frozen mode
  • PATH-482 Crossing region boundary with character list open leads to incorrect teleports to characters selected without notification to user
  • PATH-492 Pathfinding Linksets option available on non-pathfinding region
  • PATH-494 Option to highlight objects not marked as permanent
  • PATH-500 Make pathfinding floater open with World as default layer
  • PATH-504 Navmesh view hidden in mouselook mode
  • PATH-506 Viewer actions stall while in Checking the Status and downloading the Navmesh modes
  • MAINT-515 symbol information for llcommon.dll is missing both in the debugger and in crash reports
  • PATH-542 No object update after failed rotation of permanent object
  • PATH-550 Pathfinding Project Viewer crashes when attempting to create a test path when displaying heatmap view of navmesh
  • PATH-552 Viewer and server have different logic about when to allow returning of objects
  • PATH-580 Teleporting between pathfinding-enabled regions with the Pathfinding Edit/Test floater occassionally incorrectly reports that a region is not pathfinding-enabled
  • PATH-583 Viewer prevents terraforming for frozen gods but the server does not
  • PATH-584 Viewer crash when changing RetrieveNeighboringRegion debug setting
  • PATH-585 As a user, I would like a notification when my viewer has been automatically unfrozen
  • PATH-589 Viewer with enabled Pathfinding functionality crashes on exit (Linux)
  • PATH-591 Viewer crashes while check 'Water plane' checkbox on build with pathfinding
  • PATH-598 Viewer crashes while attempt to teleport to other region
  • PATH-610 Mystery pathfinding boxes appear in the sky and off-sim
  • PATH-621 Viewer crash in the Pathfinding Linksets floater when attempting to Apply Changes to a selected linkset without making any changes to any value
  • PATH-622 Update viewer pathfinding lib to include the fix for string pulling near unwalkable faces
  • PATH-628 [PATHBUG]Minimizing pathfinding edit / test floater hides navmesh
  • PATH-629 Cannot move objects baked into navmesh even while in godmode
  • PATH-638 Provide more granularity in physics time to viewer stats
  • PATH-641 Movable objects are presented with 'Movables only' unchecked checkboxes
  • PATH-643 Changes in Preferences dialog stops work of Pathfinding View/Test functionality
  • PATH-648 Pathfinding object types are positioned incorrectly when neighbor regions is enabled.
  • PATH-649 Screen becomes black while changing view in Edit/Test floater after unsuccessfully attempt of teleporting
  • PATH-667 Character type A, always shown in walkable objects with different value of A coefficient
  • PATH-668 User is not able to build test path again after it was deleted by "Clear path" button
  • PATH-676 Character disappears after viewing character capsule on character panel and then selecting a different character
  • PATH-680 Viewer crashes while resizing 'Characters' window in loading status
  • PATH-681 Viewer crashes while attempt of deleting character object
  • PATH-682 Viewer crashes while pressing button of Pathfinding Linksets dialog
  • PATH-696 When trying to edit a box at secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/PathDev4/189/229/29 an assert is hit: (!is_permanent || !mIsPhysical)
  • PATH-702 As a user, I want to see the new workflow as described by Leo
  • PATH-703 Viewer: Add icon to the SLURL bar to represent dynamic pathfinding enabled/disabled status
  • PATH-704 Viewer: Move permanency enforcement of static objects to only apply to objects in neighboring regions
  • PATH-705 Viewer: Remove functionality around frozen/unfrozen state management
  • PATH-706 Viewer: Remove permanency enformcement of objects in the pathfinding linksets floater
  • PATH-710 Viewer: Remove Basic Pathfinding floater menu and class
  • PATH-711 Viewer: Make changes to the Pathfinding Edit/Test floater
  • PATH-713 Viewer: Enable permanency enforcement on all object fields for static objects on neighboring regions
  • PATH-717 [PATHBUG]Remove/rearrange dangerous buttons in Linksets floater
  • PATH-718 Viewer: Check characters panel for stubbed version of llpathinglib
  • PATH-722 Viewer: Build functionality to trigger RebakeNavMesh on a region
  • PATH-723 Viewer: Build functionality into LLPathfindingManager to query and to receive server-to-viewer triggers regarding whether the user agent has access to rebake navmesh
  • PATH-724 Viewer: Build rendering of the Rebake Region button similiar to the Stand/StopFlying button
  • PATH-725 Viewer: Handle TODO put in place to resolve build errors
  • PATH-735 Limit and clean up grid selection
  • PATH-740 Character physics shape capsules aren't being rendered correctly
  • PATH-743 Cannot touch or select objects inworld when "Pathfinding debug" floater is open
  • PATH-750 Viewer: Modify the SLURL bar icon to represent pathfinding dirty or disabled status
  • PATH-760 Viewer: Implement changes to the build panel per Leo's design
  • PATH-761 Viewer: Implement Leo's new design for the Pathfinding View floater
  • PATH-762 Viewer: Add debug flag to always enable rebake button
  • PATH-763 Viewer: Check for overlapping icons and icon size in the SLURL bar
  • PATH-764 Viewer: Add right-click to select PF linkset in linksets floater
  • PATH-765 Viewer: Add right-click to select PF character in characters floater
  • PATH-767 Bad tooltip text for region status icon when in a non-pathfinding region
  • PATH-773 Viewer ignores login start location specification on non-Agni grids when specifying a region name
  • PATH-779 Viewer: Add a notification for when the rebake navmesh button is shown to the user
  • PATH-781 Group-owned objects appear to be owned by 'Unknown' in pathfinding linksets floater
  • PATH-783 Black screen only is presented while mouselook view for pathfinding build of viewer
  • PATH-788 "Clean up region" button will not be displayed after clicking on "Stop flying"
  • PATH-797 Linksets and Character floaters are slow to load and cause the viewer to pause interactions for long periods
  • PATH-802 Cannot TP to chat history SLURLS on Aditi.
  • PATH-805 Instant crash when checking Grid Selection in preferences
  • PATH-807 'Show in linksets' context menu option is enabled for objects which cannot be viewed in pathfinding linksets
  • PATH-814 [BetaBreakers] - Sony VAIO PCG-71211 laptop displays black environment
  • PATH-826 Random crash while wearing a mesh avatar and dropping objects in-world
  • PATH-842 TargetOmega object's rotation resets if it changes color in 3.4.0 (262596) Beta
  • PATH-849 Crash in the beta viewer relating to pathfinding \
  • PATH-852 Custom cursors fail on mac and linux
  • PATH-854 Add support in the viewer to display the Scripted column on the linksets floater
  • PATH-856 As a user, I want to see a notification when I am toggling the phantom flag on a linkset through the Pathfinding Linkset floater
  • SH-2789 Get malloc working with windows debug heap.
  • STORM-1906 LLPhysicsExtensions_TPV cmake error
  • VWR-28604 Object by multiple creators shows creator as "(unknown)" in Inventory
  • VWR-29358 Attempting to scroll through inventory search results fails, search results scroll back to top
  • VWR-29431 TargetOmega object's rotation resets if it changes color in 3.4.0 (262596) Beta

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Known Issues


Direct Delivery issues with Linux viewers

  • VWR-28629 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build

Anti-aliasing issues in Ubuntu

  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC]Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600

Server release notes URL

  • SVC-7598 Error fetching server release notes URL.

Errors when teleporting

  • VWR-29226 Multiple Teleports Causing Errors.

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.3.4 (262321), 3.3.3 (260300), 3.3.2 (258114), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.4.0 (264194). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.