Release Notes/Second Life RC BlueSteel/11

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  • Update to "Interest List" project. Scheduled 2011-02-02
  • Viewer Metrics merged in.
  • Bug Fixed: SVC-6723: Scripted and linked objects not behaving properly when crossing parcel boundaries

  • Interest List project deployed 2011-01-26
  • Features
    • Interest List Improvements
      The Interest List is part of the simulator that controls how updates are sent to viewers. It is a core part of the simulator responsible for timely updates.
      This version should changes the way updates for static (non-moving) objects are detected and sent to the viewer. This should be visible as:
      • Faster region load times. It should take less time to see what is around you after a teleport or log in.
      • Faster updates when moving in a region. While flying, for example, objects should appear sooner than before.

  • "Compression" deployed 2011-01-11
  • Features
    • TP / region crossing compression enabled grid wide.
    • Security fixes.