Release Notes/Second Life RC Magnum/11

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  • "Maint Server" project, scheduled 2011-02-02
  • Bugs Fixed
    • SVC-6678: Changing Regions Very fast Causes "No Valid Agent ID"
    • SVC-6723: Scripted and linked objects not behaving properly when crossing parcel boundaries
    • Simulator crash modes fixed

  • Display Names bug fixes, deployed 2011-01-26
  • Bug Fixes
    • llGetDisplayName returns nothing if the resident has not chosen a new name
    • llGetDisplayName failed intermittently
    • Several backend DN fixes

  • "Centrals Supreme" project deployed 2011-01-12
  • Features
    • This is a bundle of a 3 updates to our "central servers." The Centrals, as we call them, are all the various machines that do things besides simulating regions. The three updates are:
      1. Mapserver: a minor update to the machine that generates the region images that you see on the World Map
      2. Inventory API: you may remember that this service was deployed a few weeks ago. We've since had to disable it due to conflicts with older viewers. This deploy is to add a version number to the API capability that the sims hand out, thereby making it only accessible to newer viewers that can properly interact with it. Older viewers will use the legacy inventory protocol that has been on the grid since the dawn of time.
      3. Region Conductor: this is the services that decides which simulator to put regions on. When your region is down, either from a restart, crash, or whatever, the region conductor finds an empty sim to start it up on. The chagnes here are to improve the efficiency of how regions are placed on sims.