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1.27.0 (2009-07-08)

Features and changes:

  • Texture attribution including upload date, name of Resident uploading, and width and height if available
  • Improved login handling for SL blogs, SL wiki and PJIRA
  • Remove "Save Object Back to My Inventory" features
  • Throttle teleports to stop abusive bot and weapons activity
  • Changes to inventory APIs and back end to improve reliability and performance
    • Note: these changes will be enabled in stages after the full 1.27 deploy is complete
  • Server-side support for baked texture upload capability


  • Reverted group chat code back to a more stable version
  • Fixed server error spam that caused client crash
  • Fixed crash caused by invalid request data
  • As an Estate Manager, having the debug option 'view admin options' checked no longer prevents you from being able to manage the estate
  • SVC-3760: Unicode behaviour of llToUpper() and llToLower() is inconsistent between the old LSL VM and Mono (and llToUpper() is broken on both)
  • SVC-3140: Crashed mono scripts consuming much time according to Top Scripts
  • "Can't rez object" error displays original name of a renamed object
  • SVC-4153: Objects on group land are returned to creator instead of the owner
  • SVC-4436: Topscripts showing many duplicates
  • SVC-3146: Server is not sending enough data for texture discard levels
  • Other misc improvements to server texture downloads
  • SVC-369: 'Sell objects with the Land' option only transfers ownership of the root prims.
  • SVC-1390: llGetAgentInfo doesn't set AGENT_CROUCHING flag if AGENT_WALKING set
  • SVC-3837: Shift copying any copyable object you're NOT the creator of resets creation date.
  • VWR-6226: Moving the root prim, then undoing the move to that single prim, will return the prim to its previous location but also move the entire linked set the same distance X, Y or Z
  • VWR-9943: Camera rotation is jaggy (not smooth anymore)
  • Avatar disappears in others' viewers due to animation bug while holding down Page Down (or C) and pressing forward
  • Script errors and warning are still appearing in local chat even
  • Animation Request errors spam user causing client crash
  • Reduced the amount of time it takes the back end system to calculate parcel dwell
  • Many back end scalability fixes
  • Abandoned land description updated with message indicating the previous owner
  • Refined simulator frame profiling logging
  • Fix to sim crash in LLInterestList fixed
  • Several internal fixes
  • Maintenance fixes to script engine:
    • SVC-3120: Collision Events Do Not Trigger (Blocked) with Avatar sitting on physical prim
    • Fix to sim crashing script
    • SVC-3328: mono script : bad calculated 100*0.9 ==> 89 !
    • SVC-3400: Conditional key testing performs differently under Mono
    • Fix to NullReference exception caused by stop starting scripts near reset and state change