Removing items from boxes

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Are you wondering why you just bought something and went to use it and all you got was a box instead of what you were expecting? Sometimes sellers sell you their product in a box. To get the item you purchased, you will need to open the box and move it's contents into your inventory.

  1. Drag-and-drop the container that you purchased from your inventory and drop it on the ground.
    • You will have to be in an area that allows you to build objects, such as a sandbox (in the regions Cordova or Morris), or your own property or property of a friend.
  2. Right-click on the container, and select "open" from the pie menu. The contents of the box will open.
  3. drag the items from the object contents window to the ground or use the method in number 4 to put into your inventory from the objects contents window
  4. Open your inventory window and open the folder you want to put the contents into.
  5. Drag each item from the container to your inventory.
    • You may get a message warning you that moving the item can damage the container object. That just means that the contents are not copyable, so you will be moving them from the container instead of copying them. Just click OK if this happens.
  6. Once you are sure that you have copied each of the contents of the container to your inventory, you can delete the container, or take it back into your inventory if you have a reason to keep it.