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  • ModernGL
    • Clean up remaining GL State setup
    • Remove dependencies on vendor specific extensions
  • Hardware Preferences
    • Combine all hardware related preferences
    • Separate detail preferences from advanced controls
    • Include button to restore recommended defaults
  • Hardware Benchmarking
    • Suite of tests to determine recommended settings based on actual hardware performance
    • Generate shaders based on benchmarking results


  • Avatar Optimizations
    • Optimize and LOD joint transformations
    • Provide a low LOD version of avatar mesh with minimal performance cost

Visual Quality

  • Sculpted Prim - Phase 1: Complete
    • Improve variety in Second Life using textures to deform primitives (spheres)
  • URL Parcel Media
    • Support HTML, textures, and other URL formats for parcel media
  • SpeedTree
    • Improve trees
  • Infinite Terrain
    • View the terrain out to the horizon
  • SL Lighting
    • Design and implement a long term scalable lighting solution
  • WindLight - In-Progress
    • Improve the look of skies and environmental lighting in Second Life
  • SL Materials
    • Support multi-texturing, normal mapping, etc
    • Per-prim textures, movies, etc
  • Puppeteering
    • Puppet-like avatar controls