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SL Certification Basic Building

Preparing to build: Know your position coordinates and orientation in the grid; Determine the coordinates of the boundaries of the parcel; Determine whether you have permission to build in the parcel; Determine how many prims you can rez in the parcel.

Prim basics: Position, rotate and size a prim precisely by numbers; Position, rotate and size a prim precisely using the grid; Demonstrate how to place prims within the parcel and precisely on the edge of the parcel; Demonstrate complete understanding of prim parameters for box, cylinder, sphere and triangular prism; Position and size a prim to exact multiples of its current size;

Texturing basics: Apply a texture to a prim, and to an individual face of a prim; Set textures differently on different faces of a prim;

Building basics: Link and unlink prims; Copy a prim;

SL Certification Intermediate Building

Linked prims: Unlink a single prim from a link set, leaving the others linked; What is the root prim of a link set, how do you define it and how do you see it?; Rotate a link set around the root prim's center; Rotate a link set around the geometric center. Demonstrate rotational techniques for

Texturing: Explain the differences between default and planar; demonstrate how to match textures seamlessly on adjacent prims; set textures to a defined repeat per meter on all faces of a 10mx5mx0.25m box; set textures to a defined repeat per meter on a cylinder; set textures to a defined repeat per meter on the inside of a hollowed box and a hollowed cylinder.

Prims: Demonstrate complete understanding of all parameters of a tube, torus and ring. Demonstrate flexi prims; Demonstrate and discuss full bright and glow; Demonstrate light.

Scale: define ideal sizes for ceiling height, height and width of doors, height of steps and height of safety rails.

Alpha sorting: describe how alpha sorting problems manifest and how you minimise their effect.

SL Certification Advanced Building

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Including jewelry, huds, gadgets and prim clothing.






Acceptable use: define the conditions for acceptable use of megaprims.

Prim transformations: demonstrate how to change the Z dimension of a box megaprim without changing its Z parameter.